How to Safely Baby Wear When Pregnant

If you follow me on Instagram, you should know how much we love to baby wear, not just myself, my husband as well. Since my oldest was in my tummy, one of the first things we registered for was a baby carrier. I think our love for baby wearing began when we watched the movie “The Hangover” haha. But since then, we’ve baby worn all of our kiddos until our backs hurt (aka they weighed too much). The only downfall of all the carriers I’ve owned in the past was that I couldn’t safely and comfortably baby wear once I got pregnant. That’s when I stumbled upon Sakura Bloom. They have a waist-less baby carrier. It’s called the Onbuhimo (I have NO CLUE how to pronounce it, so to everyone who has asked me what kind of carrier this is, I’m sure I butchered it) . It’s literally the only carrier I can baby wear when pregnant, and I will continue to use it once baby girl is of age and weight.

Here is some info on the carrier:

“An onbuhimo is a traditional Japanese style baby carrier designed to be worn high on the back. This waistless soft carrier gives a wonderful feeling of freedom while letting your little one ride high enough to see over your shoulder and be right where the action is. Great for wearing while pregnant!”

They are to be used for babies between the weight of 15 to 35 pounds, who can sit unassisted (which usually happens around 6 months, but if you have lazy kids like mine 7 months)


How do I like it?

I love it, if you cant already tell. When I found out I was pregnant with our 4th baby, of course I was excited. But the only thing I was bummed about was not being able to babywear Joel for much longer. After all, he is still the baby and I want to cherish those last few months I have with him as the baby. So learning about the onbuhimo carrier was like a gift from God. I can still baby my baby a little longer.

Also, if you haven’t heard me complain about it before, Joel is a fussy kid. He’s very clingy to me, and loves to be carried when he’s inconsolable. Being able to wear him around the house during witching hour (1pm-2pm and again 7pm-8pm) has been a godsend. I’m able to get things done, attend to my other 2, all while I’m comforting him.

The fabric on the carrier is SO SOFT, I couldn’t believe it! When Joel sits in it, it molds to his body and hugs him perfectly so he’s snug but secure. It was a little tricky to use in the beginning, and had to have my husband help me out. But after doing it so many times, I’m a pro. It doesn’t hurt my back, and I’ve even worn him at Disney World for over 2 hours, and we both experienced no discomfort! Even my husband had zero complaints, and actually prefers this carrier over the other ones we own (that he can use whenever he wants because he’s not pregnant).And for my husband to specifically request the Sakura carrier, says a lot!

Who do I recommend this carrier to?

  1. An expecting mama
  2. The minimalist parent (I love the simple aesthetic of their carriers)
  3. Anyone who wants a good quality carrier, that’s actually comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


If you’re interested in buying your own carrier, click this LINK HERE

This post was sponsored by Sakura Bloom| But as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

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