Why I can’t be a fashion blogger 

So lately, I’ve been taking lots of pics sharing my outfit details, what I pair it with, yah dee yah dah…
Well someone asked me, “Are you going to do fashion blogging?!” And I’m like no way, that’s not me. I’ll share realistic comfy mom outfits, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a fashion blogger, like at all. I’m an everything blogger, who occasionally blogs about her outfit. I couldn’t imagine documenting my fitting room try on session, I have too many kids that it would just be a sweaty and stressful mess for me-insert anxiety attack emoji. Well my main reasonings behind why I can’t be a fashion blogger are as follows….

  1. I dress nice one day a week, or for photo shoots. Come on, let’s be real, my wardrobe 5 out of 7 days a week include workout clothes, or just a plain t-shirt and jeans with some sneakers. Throw some sunglasses on, and you’ll never know I’m sleep deprived for going on 5 years now.
  2. I don’t have an expensive camera. I take 100% of my pics with my husband’s iPhone7 plus. That depth effect is LIFE. I use several different photo editing programs to make it look prettier, but it ain’t no fancy camera.
  3. I pose so awkwardly. I look on Pinterest for how to pose, no seriously, I have a secret board on “How to pose” and for some reason, I still can’t nail it. Can someone stand with me and position me the correct way like this ⬇️
  4. I feel weird posting pics of myself posing lol. I’ve never been the kind to like all the attention on me, so even for pictures I’m like….all eyes will be on just me for this picture. It takes a lot to post a selfie…although I’m getting much better.
  5. I always buy on clearance, so by the time I take pictures, and post about it, its long gone. The only time I can post a picture of me modeling clothes, is when it’s a PinkBlush outfit. But if I’m showing an outfit from anywhere else, 70% of the time, it was bought on clearance. No shame in my saving money game!
  6. I don’t have cute clutches to pair all my outfits with. Having a cute clutch to hold on to will probably help so much with what to do with my hands (because remember, I’m awkward AF) But unfortunately I don’t own ANY clutches. I own diaper bags, and lots of em. I have a diaper bag for each outfit. But I always stick with my Lily Jade bag.

-To all you beautiful fashion bloggers out there who are totally killin it, I admire you all so much! ?

On a positive note: here are some pics of me (trying) modeling an outfit THAT YOU CAN purchase still hahaha.

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Quick story about the location of this impromptu shoot: I was picking my husband and kids up from the barber shop, and while I was in the car, I spotted an old abandoned warehouse. I looked at it, looked at my outfit, thought it was kind of photo worthy, basically forced my husband back out of the car before he even really made it into the car, to snap pics of me. And the picture of me laughing, I’m literally laughing for real because I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Hahaha

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