Mom Jeans and a plain T-shirt

Back to school time not only means the kids need new shoes, backpacks and clothes, it’s also means that us moms need some good go-to jeans for school drop off, pick up, errand running, and even date night.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt type girl, and only on weekends (when my husband is home) I’m able to take the time to really put a full face of makeup on and get all girlied up and wear a dress. But the other 5 days a week, I’m rocking blue jeans and a T-shirt or workout clothing (I make myself wear workout clothes, so I have no excuse to not go to the gym)

While I was browsing the PinkBlush website, I noticed they had jeans!! Wahhhhh?! I thought they only sold dresses and tops. Nope, they sell jeans too! So I’m really weird about ordering pants online because at one store I’m a 2 another store I’m a 4 and some stores I’m just a 0. So when I ordered my pants online, I knew I would have a hassle free exchange just in case it was too big or too small.

Once the package I arrived, I did a little happy dance and immediately tried them on. And guess what? THEY FIT!
And they were so comfy, it was like it was hand crafted for Aseky Bonnaire’s legs lol.

So now, those became THE MOM JEANS. It was my go-to jeans for running errands and just getting stuff done. It looks great with just about any top you chose. I like to pair it with my PinkBlush White Criss Cross tank and my converse!

What I love about the tank, is the cross cross details. Being a busy mom on the go, sometimes I forget to put jewelry on (I feel so naked without necklace and earrings on) and the cross cross details kind of takes the place of a necklace. It’s super light weight and airy, which is perfect for this Florida heat. It’s long enough to be worn tucked in the front (like in my pics), or completely untucked. My torso is too short for it to be completely untucked, but either way it’s so cute!

Here are some pics of my outfit while running errands with my family.

Just for reference: I’m 5’5 (and 3 quarters) and 117 pounds, and I wear a size 25 in PinkBlush jeans, which converts to an American size 2.

Here are some more pics from another day, me rocking my new mom jeans

Rip to my white sandals. After 1 year of some hard use, swollen pregnant girl feet, and Disney world trips, they finally died on me!

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Here are some more PinkBlush Jeans I’m loving!

This post was sponsored by PinkBlush| but as always, all opinions are 100% me.
ALSO this post was dedicated to my favorite white sandals, that sadly passed away, and is irreplaceable (literally, it’s been discontinued ?)


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