Why I’m Sad School is Over

Most parents look forward to not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to fight with their kids on what to wear, what to eat and then getting them out the door. Don’t even get me started with walking them ALL THE WAY to their classroom door, to sign them in and out and the small talk with all the other parents. And then drive back home, to pick them up (at the classroom door 4 hours later). Sounds like torture? It’s not! I secretly enjoyed it all. The car rides were MY time with the boys. Dropping them off in the classroom, I got to see them run off and join their friends, so I knew that they were okay. Picking them up,  I got to see their smiling faces when they saw me waiting for them outside the classroom door. I enjoyed all of it, as tiring as it was.

Walking them ALL THE WAY to their classrooms.

The school RJ and Elias goes to, RJ had went to since he was in the 2’s program. Originally I signed him up, ONLY because the closer schools were full and I needed him to be in daycare so I could get some sleep after coming off a nightshift. Little did I know the school would grow to be apart of MY family. The friends he made in his 2’s, 3’s and VPK class are some of his best friends now! So the thought of him leaving the school to attend elementary school is tough. As mentioned in a previous blog post, RJ is nothing but excited about starting a new school, and making more friends. If you were to know RJ when he first started preschool, he was so shy. And within these 3 years, he has become quite the personality, who makes friends with anyone. He’s a confident, independent, happy and sweet little boy.

As soon as Elias became of age to attend, we registered him! We started him off with only 2 days a week because he has a June birthday so when school starts, he’d be a young 2. If you knew Elias prior to starting school, he was a tough cookie. He loved to fight, hit, scream and cry when he didn’t get his way. So putting him in school was a hard choice (I feared his behavior) but it was the right choice. He was placed with the most perfect set of teachers who were so patient. They helped him control his temper, use words, assisted with potty training, but most importantly build his self confidence. Everyday I try to help him with difficult tasks, and he yells out “NO! I DO IT”. Because of that preschool and his amazing teachers he’s the sweet little boy that he is now. He made some amazing friends, that helped develop his social skills (still working on sharing). He developed an amazing vocabulary, that he can properly voice his needs. So picking him up from his last day of the 2s program was tough. I remember dropping him off, and he was crying for me, but today picking him up it took everything in me to not cry. My little Elias is growing up.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember that I mentioned Joel will be starting the Moms Morning Out Program there come August, and I think the thought of taking all three of my kids to school is what got me ridiculously emotional. They’re no longer “babies” anymore. The night before RJ’s graduation, I prepped his clothes for him and laid it out, and the next morning I helped him get ready, and I could only think about in 13 more years, I’ll be doing the same thing but for his high school graduation. And I know I will replay that exact moment of me getting him ready before his preschool graduation, over and over and just think “where has time gone?”

Being a mom to these three boys (and Laila) is the biggest blessing. I’m so lucky I get to raise these little kids, and see them blossom into handsome (and beautiful) young adults. I get to see them become adults, and get married and have kids! I get to do all of that! You know how awesome that is?

Some days I feel like I’m the worst mom in the world, and I’m doing everything wrong, but when I look at their smiling faces the second they see me at preschool pickup, I know I’m doing something right.

So to answer your question as to why I’m sad school is over; It’s because they’re growing up. They aren’t the small helpless infants, or the wobbly walker they once were. I don’t know if it’ll ever get easier, ya know the moving from one grade to the next…but for now I’m a hot mess. Don’t ask me how I’m doing because my voice will get all shaky and I’ll embarrass myself with the amount of tears that will come out in under 5 seconds.

Here are some pictures from their last day!

and look how much they’ve grown from their first day to their last!

Okay, If you need me, I’ll be crying until the day they have their first child. No one told me being a parent is so darn emotional!

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