1st Trimester Essentials

First off, if you’re reading this because you just found out you’re pregnant CONGRATULATIONS! Having a baby is such a blessing! And if you’re reading this because you’re looking for 1st trimester gifts to gift a friend, look no more, I list it all!

Now that I’ve entered my 2nd trimester, I’ve gotten past the “difficult stage”. Although I feel like I’m still In it lol. But while I was in the early stages of my pregnancy, a friend of mine reached out to me for advice. She asked me what gift would I recommend to a newly pregnant first time mom, Like what are some must have items for a newly prego and dad. Being that this was my fourth pregnancy and have plenty of pregnant friends, I am definitely no stranger to 1st trimester survival items. Thankfully with my other 3 pregnancies, I never experienced morning sickness or anything crazy. But with this pregnancy, I’ve experienced it all. So when I was telling her what to buy, they were all things I was currently using. And as for the daddy gifts, in all honesty, he just needs to be there to support the mama, and help her feel her very best. So the first 3 items are things the mama should research and buy herself, and the rest of the items are things the pregnant mama can buy herself or can be gifted!


1st Trimester essentials/Gift Ideas for the Newly Prego mama:

  1. Prenatal vitamins: Make sure you start taking this right away! I love the Olly brand ones because they’re gummies. I have a very weak stomach this time around, so I just couldn’t imagine trying to swallow some horse pills. But it’s very impoirtant you start taking vitamins RIGHT AWAY because prenatal vitamins are loaded with Folic Acid and DHA, and all that is needed early on to reduce the chances of any neural tube defects.
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  2. A good Pregnancy App: I use the Flo App, and Pregnancy+ app. Both are great! But with having a good pregnancy app, you are able to track different milestones and it keeps you up to date on what to expect ans how big your baby currently is! Right now, mine is the size of a peach lol.
  3. An OB/GYN or Midwife: If you haven’t already, start looking for a good doctor in your area and book your first appointment ASAP. If you’re not apart of any local mommy Facebook groups, I HIGHLY recommend joining one. Because in that group, you can ask for recommendations for good doctors or midwives in the area.
  4. Gift Idea// Body Oil or Moisturizer: I believe stretch marks are genetic. I’ve heard of moms who LATHER themselves in oil and every stretch mark cream on the market, and still get them. And I’ve also heard of moms (myself being one of them) who literally put nothing on, and don’t get them. But I personally love getting my legs and feet massaged by my husband, so body oil comes in handy!
  5. Gift Idea// Crackers-Saltines: Having saltines or crackers helps with the morning sickness. Before you get out of bed, and even sit up, pop a couple crackers in your mouth! That always helped me when I first got up. I noticed, whenever I let myself get too hungry, that’s when I’d get nauseous. So keeping saltines by my bed, and in my purse helped out a lot.
  6. Gift Idea//Preggers The Book: My blogger friend actually wrote this book, and I LOVE it! After the kids go to bed, and I have some free time before bed, I read a few pages of this book. It’s fun and 100% relatable! If you haven’t heard of it, you should def check her book out.
  7. Gift Idea//BumpBox: Most moms can say that the first trimester is hard. Your body’s hormones are out of control. You may be extra sensitive (that’s me), extra glowing aka oily (that’s also me), extra sick (and that’s me too), extra tired (definitely me) or a mix of it all. Bump Box has a 1st trimester gift box to help the newly prego survive. If you’re already in your 2nd, 3rd or 4th (postpartum) trimester they also have boxes curated for you, all for the same price of $49.99. If you want to receive gifts every single month, you can subscribe to their monthly subscription for $39.99. They  I loved everything in the box because in all honesty it’s all needed but my top 2 items are…
    • I basically lived off the Sparkling Mama Fizzelixir powder, which is made with lemon and ginger extracts, Magnesium, and B6 to soothe that nausea and get you back on your feet! And I keep this is my purse at all times because the sickness hits me randomly.
    • Also I love the “Feelin’ fly as a mother” Water bottle. I always forget to drink enough water, and having this stylish water bottle with a handle makes it so much easier to remember.
  8. Gift Idea//A gift card to PinkBlush or a local maternity store: In the first trimester you don’t really gain a bump, but you do get excited about the coming months and the idea of a growing belly. Nothing gets a newly prego mama in the mood like some shopping for her first maternity dress!
  9. Gift Idea//Some cozy slippers: My first trimester I spent a lot of time at home, because I simply lacked the energy to do anything else. So cozy slippers are a must!
  10. Gift Idea//Cozy Maternity Pillow: This is actually something I have yet to buy because my husband and I use to share a queen size bed, so a pillow the size of half the bed wasn’t really an option. But ever since we’ve upgraded our mattress to a King Size Nectar Sleep Mattress, we now have the space but my bed is so darn comfortable I feel like I don’t need it. Maybe once I get bigger and my belly requires more support I will want it. But this is definitely something I’ve always wanted!

Bump Box gifted me the 1st trimester box, in exchange for an honest review. I use it, and honestly love it! Thank you for reading and supporting Aseky + The Boys Blog.

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