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Daily 45 minute cleaning routine

Being a busy mom, wife, blogger and everything else, keeping up with the house gets to be a bit much. But I’ve adopted a daily 45 minute cleaning routine to keep my house tidy. And some might say, “ughh cleaning everyday?” But I look at it this way, 45 minutes is just 1/32 of your day. Doing this little cleaning routine will keep your house pretty normal looking, and not like a toddler food fight war zone, and plus when it comes time to do the deep clean, you’re not overwhelmed.

Start in the most used and messiest room, for me, it’s the kitchen:

1. Empty the dishwasher// 5 minutes

2. Clear the sink, and load the dishwasher// 5 minutes

3. Once sink is clean, clean your garbage disposal with a garbage disposal pod. A lot of people forget this step, but it’s important. You won’t believe the types of smells that can come from a dirty garbage disposal.// 30 seconds

4. Clear the counters from any junk including paperwork, crayons, toys, whatever your counter accumulates // 2 minutes

5. Wipe counters down with an all purpose cleaner//2 minutes

6. Wipe Coffee Machine down with all purpose cleaner. Our Keurig needs to be wiped everyday! It splatters so much//30 seconds

6. Clean your ceramic stove top with a degreaser// 1 minute

7. Spray some of that same degreaser on a paper towel and wipe your cabinets clean. My cabinets always have jelly finger prints on them or grease // 2 minutes

8. Sweep Kitchen Floors// 2 minutes

Total time in kitchen: 20 minutes

By the way, our kitchen is still a work in progress. Our renovations are about 75% complete.

Next I move to the kid’s hallway bathroom:

1. Clear counters from non-necessities//2 minutes

2. Wipe counter tops and sink with all purpose surface cleaner// 1 minute

3. Empty trash// 1 minute

4. Sweep Floors// 1 minute

Total time in bathroom: 5 minutes

**No pictures, because we haven’t renovated the bathroom yet***

Next I move to the bedrooms:

1. Make all three beds (mine, RJ’s, and Elias’)// 8 minutes

2. Pick up clothes off floor and place in laundry basket// 2 minutes

3. Wash ONE load of laundry. Using laundry pods, cuts my time in half because I don’t need to pour anything, I can just drop a pod and go!// 5 minutes

Total time in bedrooms: 15 minutes

Living Room, front entrance and Family room:

1. Pick up toys off floor (the kids help me) and then sweep floors//5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes

Now let’s talk about the products, that make my cleaning Routine possible:

I recently started using Grab Green cleaning products and I don’t know why I wasn’t using them sooner. What’s great about this company is that they’re eco friendly with No phthalates, solvents, ammonia, phosphates, fillers, optical brighteners, masking agents or dyes. They’re safer for our planet using as few materials as possible, they’re all recyclable, sustainably harvested, biodegradable and that utilize post-consumer resins. None of their products are tested on animals!

All of those things give me such peace of mind, because i dont know if you know, but we recently renovated our house and our kitchen (still a work in progress) has brand new quartz countertops and beautiful white shaker cabinets, so I’m very picky with the products we use now.

Sounds weird, but we love the packaging on their products. They are resealable through Velcro. My husband opened and closed the pouch like 15 times haha.

My boys have very sensitive skin, so picking laundry detergent is very difficult. Even though their laundry pods are scented, it doesn’t affect RJ nor Joel’s eczema at all!

If you’re interested in buying but don’t know what to get, My top 5 recommended products are- although all their products are fantastic:

1. All purpose Cleaner

2. Kitchen Degreaser

3. Dishwasher Pods

4. 3 in 1 laundry Pods

5. Garbage Disposal Pods

This post was sponsored by Grab Green | but as always, all opinions are 100% me!


10 thoughts on “Daily 45 minute cleaning routine”

  1. Why do I not make use of my dishwasher? I literally hand wash everything and I don’t even know why! How are the disposal pods?? That seems like a major missing key to my kitchen, I can’t stand the stench that thing can build up. Also, your house is looking like a beauty, I’m loving it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have recently started doing something similar, and taking the time to quickly pick up and wipe down everything each day makes my day go so much smoother and its a lot less work on the weekends

    Liked by 1 person

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