31 Weeks


How far along: 31 Weeks

Gender: Boy !

Cravings: Fruit (specifically Oranges) and Sandwiches (and yes I fully heat up the meat)

Aversions: Rice and Beans (together)

Stretch Marks: I got two on the top of my chest.

Mood: I have been in a very good mood, I’m still a little snappy but all in all I have been good.

Total Weight gain: To be completely honest, I havent even bothered to look at a scale…but I have a doctors appointment on Monday so I will have an updated weight then.

Maternity clothes: Yes !! Right now its more so for comfort. Beleive me, I can  still fit all my prepregnancy clothes but maternity is just so much more comfortable

Sleep:I am still waking up every 3 hours to pee during the night.

Miss anything: I miss laying on my tummy, and being able to get out of bed easily (I sort of look like a turtle stuck on his back/Shell).

Milestones: He has been so much more active lately. The other night at work he was moving the ENTIRE night, I dont think I went any longer than 10 minutes without feeling him squirm. I can still paint my toe nails, shave my legs and tie my shoes !!!! Lol 

Outfit: Dress is from Charming Charlie (bought it black friday for $10) **Wearing this dress to my Best Friend’s graduation, because its the only thing that 1.Fits me good 2.Looks okay on me 3.Was a good summer-ish dress to wear to a Florida graduation. Sandals are from Express (Bought it at the outlets for $7) and Jewelry is from H&M

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