32 weeks


How far along: 32 weeks, officially 8 months!

Gender: Boy

Cravings: oranges and sandwiches

Aversions: rice and beans !! Yucky

Stretch Marks: Just those two on the top of my chest, but none on my belly ☺️

Mood: I’ve been very nice lately !

Total Weight gain: 18 pounds total ! Went to the doctor on Monday and I’ve only gained 1 pound since my last visit. So my current weight is 136 pounds

Maternity clothes: I’ve been mostly wearing maxi skirts and tan tops lol

Sleep: I’ve mastered the art of holding my pee, so I only wake up once during the night now lol

Miss anything: don’t really miss anything too much anymore because in less than 2 months baby B is going to be here…so now I’m just cherishing these last few months. Because in about 3 months I am going to miss being pregnant lol

Milestones: his heart rate is 150 bpm and steady. My blood pressure has been pretty steady as well 100/62 for like the past 5 months.

Outfit: Tank top was from JCPenny for $7, maxi skirt is from h&m, jewelry is from premier designs.

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