33 weeks


How far along: 33 weeks!

Gender: Boy oh boy !

Cravings: oranges and Special K cereal. Everyday I eat at least two bowls  and eat at least 3 oranges☺️

Stretch Marks: none on my belly !

Discomforts: Baby is really low (compared to RJ) so I always feel like I have to pee, and my pelvis is real achy. The other day I woke up feeling like I ran a marathon the day before…my body was really sore. But that soreness only lasted 2 or so days. Now I’m feeling better other than the constant bathroom trips.

Mood: Renaldo called me a negative nancy the other day, but in my defense it was because he didn’t approve of what I was wearing ? but I feel like I’ve been fine, very calm and laid back. I’m at a point to where I’m not going to let things stress me out because in the end…it’ll all work out one way or another.

Total Weight gain: 18 pounds total pregnancy was where I was at, at my last OB appointment 2 weeks ago. I have another appointment on Tuesday so I will have some updated numbers then ! I’m almost positive it’ll be more than the recommended 1 pound per week only because I’ve been eating a bit more and exercising a bit less ? (it’s been a VERY busy week)

Maternity clothes: I caved in and bought new scrub pants for work….not maternity but they’re size XS (so I can wear after baby) and it has an extra stretchy band so it fits right below my belly and causes no discomfort. But as for actual maternity clothes, all my tank tops are my regular size just stretchy (obviously) and lot and lots of maxi skirts lol. My husband calls my outfits, my uniforms haha because I refuse to buy bigger clothes now only because we have 6 weeks (if even that)

Sleep: I sleep like a baby…let me rephrase that, I sleep like my husband ! (As I’m writing this he his sound asleep…ON MY PILLOW ? but looks so peaceful ?) I guess I’ve been sleeping so good because lately my body and my mind have been so tired !!

Miss anything: I was looking at pictures of myself from my honeymoon, and admiring my body that I worked so hard for after my first son…and I really miss being skinny…I forgot what it feels like to not have a belly lol

Milestones: We completed our Lamaze class, did the hospital tour (I work at the hospital I’m delivering at lol, but side note: my job/baby b’s future birthplace got voted number 12 in most beautiful hospitals in the WORLD…GO Winnie Palmer Hospital !!) We bought his going home outfit, we ordered his first swaddle blanket, began packing our hospital bag, and mailed the invitations to our baby shower.
Things are happening so fast !

Outfit: Skirt is from Target, tank is from JCPenny, cardigan is from H&M, jewelry is premier designs of course !

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