34 Weeks


How far along: 34 weeks!

Gender: Mommy’s 2nd little boy

Cravings: Special K cereal with strawberry slices in it, oranges and firm grapes.

Stretch Marks: none on my belly, and I probably will not get any.

Discomforts: Lately I’ve been having like a groin/inner thigh cramp (& by cramp I mean like a charlie horse), and I’m just feeling really tired, mentally and physically tired.

Mood: to continue where I left off….I am just so tired. Literally the only thing giving me strength and energy right now are the two things robbing all my strength and energy…RJ & Baby B. Everyday I feel so drained growing a human inside of me and chasing around a hyperactive two year old, but it’s also them that gives me the strength to do it all over again…day after day.

Baby’s Position: Went to the doctor on Tuesday and I voiced all my concerns on having a breech baby and a c-section, so my doctor felt around on my tummy and told me baby is head down, with his back on my left side and legs on my right side (which expalins why I only feeling him on one side and my odd looking lop sided belly when I have a Braxton hicks contraction). She also told me that babies are always constantly moving and flipping so he can keep changing his position up until the moment I deliver him. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and from there they will be doing my weekly examinations where they will be able to feel for the top his head.

Total Weight gain: 20 pounds total weight gain. Went to the OB doctor on Tuesday and currently I am at 138 pounds !

Maternity clothes: I’ve mostly been home this past week so there was no real need to dress up, so when I do leave my cave… it’s just a maxi skirt and one of the million different tanks that I have ( 1 positive of being preggo in Florida’s heat…tanks on tanks on tanks )

Sleep: A fifth pillow has been added to my pillow gang (and hubby is not happy about it hhahaha). Seriously ever since I added that 5th pillow, my sleep has been phenomenal ! of course I am still waking up at least once during the night to pee. Every morning while I am dead asleep my husband cuddles with me and puts his hand on my belly to feel Baby B kick (every morning from 6am-8am he is so so active) and apparently the kicks are so hard my husband is surprised I don’t wake up, But my Doctor’s nurse said that this is very common for second time mothers (to not wake up from ababy kicks).

Miss anything: Still missing my flat tummy, skinny legs, and slim cheeks ! My husband likes me with extra meat though, but I dont think my knees can handle any more weight lol. I also miss sleeping on my tummy 🙁 even after I deliver It’ll be awhile till I can do that because after I had Rj I was so excited to sleep on my stomach when I woke up to feed him in the middle of the night, I was soaked in breastmilk….needless to say that was the last time I did that until I stopped breastfeeding.

Milestones: He has a nice steady heart rate of 150 BPM, and is kicking me in the ribs !! ( that’s a pain I will wake up for lol)

Outfit: pants from tjmaxx, tank is from h&m, jewelry is from h&m as well. (I’ve worn this outfit before for my bumpdate)

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