34 Week Bump Date

8 and a half months pregnant. I’m tired. I’m out of breath. and I can’t stop peeing. That pretty much sums up my life lately. So far, this pregnancy has been the hardest on my body. It’s just not the same as the others. I don’t think it has anything to do with Laila. It just has to do with my daily commitments. Back to school is kicking my butt 1001%. The early mornings, the hustle and bustle of getting 3 kids fed, dressed, and in the car. And then spending 45+ minutes prepping their lunches the night before, is robbing all my energy. My husband helps me out in the morning because he is still home before I leave to drop the oldest off, so that’s amazing. But from 8:15am and on, I’m solo dolo. Now that preschool is back in session (which is the most tiring actually because I have to get out of the car, walk them to their class, and then do it all over again 4 hours later) I get a little break! Joel only goes 1 day a week, so on Tuesdays I get 4 hours EXCLUSIVELY to myself. It’s freaking awesome.

Gender: Girl! We’ve had 2 ultrasounds in the past week confirming female parts. and yes, I still have them check LOL. I just have this strange feeling when I birth her, they’ll say “HE’S so handsome” LOL.

Baby’s heart rate: Now in the 160’s

How’s baby measuring?: Alright, get ready for a novel. About a 2 months ago, my doctor checked my fundal height (centimeters between top of public bone to the top of the uterus= how many weeks baby measures), and she was about 2 weeks behind. Fast forward to my next bi-weekly appointment, she measured a week ahead. BUT, I saw a different doctor (mine was on vacay). Then I went to my next appointment, and saw my doctor and she said Laila was still measuring 2 weeks behind, so we scheduled a growth scan for my next appointment in 2 weeks (this past Tuesday). Last Friday Laila gave us a scare and I went into triage, an ultrasound was done there and she was measuring small in the 30th percentile at 4lbs 1oz, but nothing to cause a concern. Then I went to my scheduled OB appointment this past Tuesday and when she measured my belly (fundal height) she was still coming up 2 weeks short. So we proceeded with the scan, even though I had one done a few days prior. After they were done with the scan we found out that she actually measures perfect, in the 52nd percentile, and weighing in at 4lbs 11oz. There is plenty amniotic fluid, her head is a little large, but she’s perfect. So the explanation for my “small belly”, “cute baby bump” is I just carry well. Hate to sound into myself, but that’s the plain simple truth. I don’t get huge when I’m pregnant THANKFULLY!

Weight/weight gain: 140lbs. So another 2 lbs gained since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. Making it a grand total of 23 pounds so far.

Baby is the size of a: CANTALOUPE! “Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. Her fat layers – which will help regulate her body temperature once she’s born – are filling her out, making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing, and her lungs are continuing to mature as well”

Maternity clothes: Still no! I’m 100% committed to not buying them. I almost gave In and bought a maternity one piece swim suit. But we didn’t end up going to the beach so I didn’t lol.

Stretch Marks: None!

Cravings: Nothing really, Just Orange juice. Like I have to keep a gallon of OJ in my fridge at ALL times.

Sleep: Lately I’ve been waking up to the WORST heartburn ever. It will literally startle me out of good sleep. I don’t eat ANYTHING at least 3 hours before bed, and it’s still an issue.

Signs of labor?: None so far. I get Braxton hicks contractions almost daily, but theyre harmless. They don’t hurt. But uncomfortable? Absolutely. When I was in triage, I got checked and my cervix is “way up there” and I’m super closed, so no action just yet down there.

Movement: She is very active, except last Friday when she scared me, and I made a trip to triage. Although my placenta is anterior, I can feel big movements and kicks from her consistently.

How am I feeling: I feel tired. I’m so so tired. It’s unreal the exhaustion that I feel. I have so much I have to do, so I only pray I get the nesting urge so I knock out these last few projects. I’m also very irritable. Things and people frustrate me. For one weekend I was put on light duty, and I was beyond annoyed with everyone and life lol. My poor husband had to deal with it all. I think I snapped on him like 5 times between then and now. But I’m better.

Any exciting updates to share: Nothing really. My next appointment is my GBS swab, so where they check to see if I’m group B strep Positive or negative. Basically Group B strep is a bacterial infection that harbors in pregnant women in either the vagina or rectum. The bacteria doesn’t discriminate, even the healthiest mamas can get it. It affects about 25% of healthy women. If you test positive, it just means you will probably be given IV Antibiotics during your labor and delivery to prevent passing it on the baby. Thankfully, I have always tesyed negative with all three so im almost positive (no pun intended) I’ll test negative again.  To read more about group B strep, CLICK HERE!

A few pieces we’ll be bringing with us to the hospital

Things I’m loving:

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen an increase of mamas, mostly blogger ones share this amazing book that “YOU MUST READ”. I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon, hence why I don’t have lash extensions, a baylage, or a MacBook (nothing wrong with those things though lol).But seriously, I don’t do thigs just because someone else is doing it, just not me. But after hearing so many amazing things about the book, and the author, I decided, why not? I spend about 50 minutes every day in the car just sitting there, and waiting. So to pass time, and “better myself” I decided to invest in the book. I almost got the audible version because #momlife, but I like the feeling of actually touching a book and turning pages. So I ordered the book on target.com using my redcard, so I saved 5% and got free 2 day shipping. Since receving the book, I have not put it down. It’s so good. When I read it, it’s as if Rachel is speaking right to me as a friend. I don’t get bored, nor do I zone out while reading (I’m known to do that). And the best part, in my free and down time (aka car line- hence why the photo of the book below was taken in my car lol), I don’t feel compelled to aimlessly scroll Instagram or facebook. Anyways, I won’t say too much about the book, other than BUY THE BOOK!

Girl, Wash your face by Rachel Hollis

Next thing im loving is Disney World! We haven’t been since mid June and it feels so good to be back. I see us spending every weekend there until Laila comes. The Boys get to have fun before we’re trapped at home for a month, and I get some exercise!

Thanks for reading! My next update will be when I’m entering my 9th month of pregnancy!


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