Baby B’s 3D/4D ultrasound

We bought an ultrasound package for  Little Life Imaging about a month ago, and decided to not make our appointment until I was 27 weeks. I went in at 26 weeks because my moms was leaving for Israel the day after the ultrasound and I really wanted her to be there.  (We could have had the ultrasound done in our doctors office but they were charging about $50 more) 

We arrived to our ultrasound on time, which is a big deal for us because we are late almost everywhere we go! LOL. 

The date of the ultrasound he was 26 weeks and 3 days but from his measurements he was 27 weeks and 3 days. He already weighs 2 pounds and 5 ounces (which is heavy for his age). Everyone thinks this little guy is going to be bigger than RJ was (RJ was 7 pounds at birth). 

But below are pictures of our little guy ? enjoy !












And these are pictures of everything that came with the package we purchases through Groupon.



We got a dvd with a video of him, another DVD with all the ultrasound images, print outs of his cute little face and body parts and a little heart that has his heartbeat recorded on it so we can put it in a stuffed animal…(which we do plan on doing) 


  And an insulated bag with lots of goodies. Even though we plan on exclusively breastfeeding, it’s still good to have all this because formula is EXPENSIVE !



A side by side comparison of RJ (to the left) and Baby B (to the right) at the same age ! 

It was amazing to see his little cute face, and feel his strong kicks followed by the actual movements on the TV screen.  94 days, 3 months and 3 days, 13 weeks and 3 days until my due date…but who is really counting ?

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