Back to school teacher gift idea

Are you like me, and love to give gifts? I find so much pleasure in buying/making gifts, and giving them to family and friends. My favorite part about gift giving is not spending a lot of money on good, and thoughtful gifts. Whether it’s DIY-ing it, it getting a good deal!

Every year for school I like to give the boys’ teacher a little “thanks for opening your arms to my crazy a#% kids, and tolerating them so I can find my sanity again” gift.

So this year, I decided on Foaming handsoap. Who doesn’t love foamy handsoap? And who doesn’t love BATH AND BODY WORKS foamy handsoap?! When bath and body works sent me the email about $2.95 handsoap, one day only. This mama dropped the oldest off at school, loaded the younger two in the car and got to the mall before it even opened. I loaded up on some fall scents for the house, and for the boys’ teachers.

Aferwards, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some school themed scrapbook paper for their hand print and I also got some cute school themed ribbon to tie it all together.

Here are the steps on how to make your own!

  1. Buy a handsoap of your choice. But bath and body works soap will always be the best…HANDS DOWN (pun intended). Make sure you ask them for a little baggy to put it in.
  2. Buy school themed scrapbook paper. Hobby lobby sells them for like $.59! And also get some plain white cardstock while you are there! (You will use that for the handprint)
  3. Trace their cute little (probably sticky) hands, on notebook paper. 
  4. Cut it out
  5. Trace their hand cutout onto the white cardstock
  6. Cut it out
  7. Glue the white hand cutout to the scrapbook paper and cut around it, so it makes an even larger hand.
  8. On Word, type up a cute little message like “HANDS DOWN, this is going to be the best school year EVER! Love, (your child’s name). Make sure you ruin makenit small enough so it’ll fit in the Pam of their hand, but large enough so you can actually read it.
  9. Glue it to the hand!
  10. Then Laminate it (this is optional). But I love laminating anything I can get my hands on (pun intended again). I feel like laminating it, gives it a nice clean finished look. Plus teacher live for the laminating machine lol.
  11. Hole punch the hand (like at the wrist) so it can hand upside down. 
  12. Tie the hand around the neck of the soap bottle, or around the baggy!
  13. Take pictures, brag about it. And then give it to your child to give to their teacher!

Anyways, the total cost for 3 handsoaps and material was $15! Super cheap, and thoughtful! RJ took his to his teacher today, and when he got in the car he was so excited to tell me she loved it and wrote a note to me. I want RJ to love giving, just as much as receiving. So this was a nice little life learning lesson for him as well.

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