8 Month Bumpdate

8 MONTHS PREGNANT. I’m crying. The weeks are just flying by, and I can’t keep up. Between traveling, my baby shower, my work in and out of the home, and back to school…it feels like I was just finding out I was pregnant. In case you missed it, my husband and I had maternity photos done last week, LINK HERE, and I feel like it was the perfect time to have them done. In the midst of all the craziness, we made time to dress up, drive to the coast (only 45 minutes for us) and feel like models while we had photos taken of our last pregnancy.

Gender: Girl! We have an ultrasound in one week, so I’ll make the tech check again haha.

Baby’s heart rate: In the 130’s

How’s baby measuring?: Okay, so one month ago my doctor said she was measuring a week behind, the following appointment 2 weeks later, I saw a different doctor because mine was out, and she said she measured 1 week ahead. So at my most recent appointment, she was measuring a week behind again. So to settle all of this, I am having a growth ultrasound done at my next visit on the 21st. I’m praying she measures perfect, and I just carry well.

Weight/weight gain: 138 pounds. Another 2 pounds gained from my last appointment which was 2 weeks ago!

Baby is the size of an: Squash! “Still growing strong, baby measures about 16.7 inches and weighs in at about 3.8 pounds at 32 weeks pregnant.”

Maternity clothes: LOL No maternity clothes. At this point, why bother spending money on it?

Stretch Marks: None!

Cravings: Nothing crazy, just orange juice and avocados!

Sleep: If you don’t know, I’ve gotten into essential oils and I’ve been diffusing Lavender and Frankincense at night, and my husband and I both have been sleeping like a baby.

Movement: She is an active little one. She is most active in the middle of the night!!

How am I feeling: I feel good. I’m not crazy emotional, aside from RJ’s first day of school (that’s an exception). My husband isn’t annoying me, and I’ve been tolerating him well lol. Now that the baby shower is over, I feel a load of stress off my shoulder!

Any exciting updates to share: Nothing crazy exciting. RJ’s first day of school was yesterday, so our weekdays just got a little busier. And Elias’ and Joel’s first day is on the 21st, so that’s when the real fun begins. We had our baby shower last weekend, and I’m hoping to finish that blog post soon. We got enough diapers at that diaper shower to last a year (hopefully), and we got so many cute baby girl outfits. With this baby, we have been blessed to have purchased/gifted ALL the big things (gear wise: car seat, stroller, nursery furniture, rock n play) prior to the baby shower, so all we really needed were the little necessities, and I’m so thankful all of our friends and family came and got us everything else we needed to welcome sweet Laila. Actually I still need the bassinet, but we’ll probably buy that in a month or so.

Things I’m loving:

I am LOVING my Daily Harvest Smoothies. I’m a busy mama of three kiddos who sometimes skips out on breakfast. It’ll be noon before I even realize I haven’t eaten anything. But with my smoothies from Daily Harvest, all I have to do is open my freezer fill the cup up with my liquid base of choice (milk, almond milk, coconut water) pour into my NutriBullet and blend! Pour back into cup, but the lid back on, stick a straw in and drink while on the go. It takes me nothing but 2 minutes to do, and I’m feeding myself and baby Laila the very best. The ingredients that you read on the back, are exactly what you see inside of the cup, nothing  extra is added. And the best part, it tastes AMAZING!!

You can try Daily Harvest by clicking this LINK HERE and using promo code ASEKY to get THREE FREE CUPS!!

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