Bilateral Salpingectomy- Removing my tubes

If you follow me on instagram, you should know that I made the decision to have my tubes removed. Not tied. Not cut. But removed. This procedure is called a Bilateral Salpingectomy. Many people have asked why I decided to have the procedure done, and not my husband. People have also asked why I decided to have it removed rather than tied (like normal people do). I’ve also been asked how recovery was. And How I feel today. So in this post I will share it all, and how I feel about no longer having kids.

In the air conditioned hospital gown. It’s all puffy in my chest area because it was blowing cool air!

Most Frequently asked questions:

What is a Bilateral Salpingectomy: “Bilateral Salpingectomy is the surgical removal of both (bilateral) fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes allow eggs to travel from the ovaries to the uterus.”  Read more about it here

Why did you do that instead of a traditional tubal? So it all started one day when I was on a mommy Facebook group that I saw a mama share that she got pregnant a few months after getting her tubes tied. And then a ton of other moms commented saying the same happened to them. Reading all that I was pretty much convinced the same was going to happen to me. So I shared my concern with my Doctor and she recommended that I have a bilateral salpingectomy, that way there would be no way I could get pregnant. Since my husband and I knew we were 100% done, I chose to have this procedure done! What I love about this option is that it also lowers your risks for ovarian cancer, because a lot of the time ovarian cancer begins in the fallopian tubes!

Why didn’t you have your husband do it? Long story short, it all came down to price. Since this is a sterilization procedure, my medical insurance covered it at 100%. At the time my husband was uninsured so it would’ve cost him $400+ to have a vasectomy.

How is the procedure done? I had it done laparoscopically. So I’m put under general anesthesia, and my doctor made 3 incisions. 1 in my belly button and 1 on each side of my lower abdomen. It took a little over an hour for my doctor to go in and take out my Fallopian tubes. After she takes them out, she closes me back up!

So what to expect from the moment you check into the hospital?: The night before you go to the hospital they make you wash your body with a special soap that’s given to you at preadmission testing, and you must sleep on freshly washed sheets. You can’t eat anything 8 hours prior to the procedure. Then the next morning you must wash yourself again with the special soap. Once you check in to the hospital, your nurse will call you back. She brings you into a bathroom and makes you clean your nose with this weird brown stuff. And then sponge brush your teeth with mouthwash.

After that, you’re taken into your pre-op room where you take all your clothes off and wipe your ENTIRE body down with these super thick wipes. Then they put you in a paper-like gown that’s connected to a tube that blows warm or cool air! Because I was nervous I got really sweaty so I had cool air blowing. Once The nurse gets my IV going, I met with the anesthesiologists and she talked me through everything and what’s going to happen. After that my husband and kids came back to the room and waited with me until my doctor was ready to operate.

Before they took me back they gave me a medicine to relax me. It felt like I shot gunned 3 beers lol. Once they wheeled me into the OR I remember saying “WOW it’s really bright in here” and then I saw anesthesiologists looking at me with bright lights behind her and I was out in less than 3 seconds (not exaggerating, it was literally 3 seconds after they started me on the General anesthesia that I passed out).

Then I remember waking up to my nurse saying “how do you feel?” Over and over. And I said “we’re done? I just fell asleep”. It seriously felt like an amazing 5 minute nap lol. And once I was fully up and my blood pressure was steady, they allowed my husband and kids to come back with me. Right when my husband came back I was able to nurse my daughter (I talk more about breastfeeding after general anesthesia below)

Once I was able to go pee, I was discharged. They would not let me go hone until I peed on my own! Thankfully I peed almost immediately!

You can breastfeed after general anesthesia?: Yes! My anesthesiologists said as long as I feel awake and okay (like it’s safe for me to hold my baby) then I could breastfeed Laila. She said once I’m awake and functioning, the amount of medicine that’s passed is so minimal that it would have zero affect to Laila. General anesthesia leaves your system pretty quickly. So I was happy to hear that because Laila does not take a bottle or pacifier.

Breastfeeding and eating after waking up from general anesthesia

How is recovery?: the first day was okay because the meds were still in me. But day 2-3 was THE worst. I was in so much pain! I had a script for Oxycodone because my doctor advised that this is a major surgery and I was going to be in a lot of pain for quite a bit of time. But I was okay with just 800mg ibuprofen, however if I took the Oxy I know I would’ve been SO much better off! For 2 weeks I was not able to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds so my 2 year old was not happy about that, and the gas pain was pretty intense. Remember when a surgery is done laparoscopically, they have to fill you up with gas so they can maneuver the camera around and see! And It took me about a full 2-3 weeks to feel 100% again!

This is what recovery for me looked like. Lots of snuggles with Laila!

Does it affect hormones?: No! Because I still have my ovaries, my hormones are not affected at all. Therefore it doesn’t mess with my milk supply!

How do I feel today?: I feel great! I’m so happy with the outcome! And it feels amazing not having to worry about a surprise pregnancy. Now whenever o feel nauseous, I don’t ever think “could I be pregnant?” I’m just nauseous lol.

Any scars?: Yes! I have 2 scars left! The one in my belly button is completely invisible, but the 2 on my abdomen show still!

The incisions covered up in steri strips and bandages 1 day post op.
1 day post op with a belly full of gas!
1 week post op after taking the steri strips and bandages off.

Officially no more babies?: no more! We are done. Apart of me is sad because I’m so young, and I LOVE being pregnant. But the thought of having 5 kids makes me go crazy, so we’re done! However, if we wanted another child in the future, would could conceive via IVF because I still have my ovaries and eggs 😉

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