How to get rid of baby acne

Before (left), after-1 week later (right). Obviously it’s different lighting but you can see how rough and bumpy her skin was due to the acne. And now her skin is crystal clear!

All my babies were born with beautiful and clear skin. Basically they were always photo ready. But for some reason around week 4 or 5, just around the time I take the adorable monthly photos, they all break out with baby acne. Those tiny little pimples that either pop up here or there, or take over their sweet little face. With my boys, it was never that bad and went away within 1-2 weeks. But with Laila she got it around 5 weeks old and was over 2 months old before I just gave in and took matters into my own hands.

Long story short, we got rid of the baby acne within 3 days by using 3 items!

Disclaimer: this is what worked for Laila, and I can’t guarantee that it will work for your baby, but it doesn’t hurt to try!


How to get rid of baby acne in under 3 days!

Stuff we used:

1. Dreft PurTouch detergent

2. Mustela soothing cleansing water

3. California baby calendula cream


1. Wash all of baby’s stuff and your things with Dreft PurTouch: we use deft PurTouch because the traditional Dreft was not sensitive enough for Laila’s sensitive skin. The PurTouch is plan based, and the scent on it is very minimal!

  • Baby’s clothes
  • Baby’s linen (crib sheets, DockATot cover, swaddle blankets, car seat insert)
  • Your bedsheets
  • Your pajamas
  • Any of your clothing you wear that you frequently wear around baby

2. Clean your baby’s face and neck at every diaper change with Mustela soothing cleansing water. You’ll be surprised how dirty it gets throughout the day. And if your baby spits up a ton, don’t forget to clean around the neck as well. We love Mustela’s cleansing water because it removes all dirt and bacteria, all things that can irritate the skin more and cause acne.

3. Apply Calendula Cream onto the face 2 times a day, morning and at night. If you notice dryness of the skin in between uses, apply more! It’s great for keeping the skin moisturized. You will notice dryness because of the cleansing water!

And just repeat these steps until the acne is clear. And once acne is clear, continue to use the cleansing water to keep baby’s face clear about 1-2 times a day, and follow it up with the calendula cream.

Other things that have worked for me in the past with my other 3 children:

  1. Breast milk: Breastmilk is literally the cure to anything! This worked with my 1st. Funny thing is, my mother in law is the one who suggested it and I thought she was crazy!
  2. Eliminating diary for your diet: If you’re baby has a dairy intolerance, or milk protein allergy it could be causing his skin to break out. With my 3rd this is what helped clear his skin!
  3. Changing formula (if you formula feed): Sometimes it takes trying 6 different formulas before you find the one that works perfectly for your little babe.
  4. Avoid over dressing: acne can come from sweating! 100% my kids. When they sweat (just like me) I break out. So dressing them appropriately for the weather will help!
  5. Mom and Baby Taking probiotics: We use Evivo, read full review here!
  6. Avoid over washing and scrubbing the acne: That will only irritate it more. Make sure you wash with just water on the face, and with a baby washcloth, not a regular washcloth. It needs to be soft and gentle for the skin.

This post was not sponsored what so ever, I purchased all these products on my own!

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