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Whenever you have a baby, you understand the importance of convenience. After giving birth, the last thing you want to do when you get home from the hospital and you’re trying to recover is scrambling around for diapers, for wipes, for butt cream or even a midnight snack. Having a bedside or crib side diaper caddy is a must!

In my pictures I show you what I personally keep in Joel’s diaper caddy. He’s 8 months old now, so it’s not as jam packed as it was when he was just born. There are just some things we don’t use anymore. But I will also include a list of what to pack in your diaper caddy for the first 3 months!

What I personally keep in my diaper caddy for an 8 month old: (contains affiliate links, means nothing to you, but by clicking on the links you’re supporting Aseky + The Boys Blog. Thank you!!)

1. Diapers– duh! Lol right now he is using Parasol Diapers (we keep the parasol ones in the diaper bag) and Huggies (we keep huggies at home in the caddy).

2. Changing PadThe B.Box diaper caddy comes with a changing pad. It’s always good to have one while changing diapers, because even when you think you’re fine and don’t need one, the baby might pee, or finish pooping, like mine always seem to do. I have had one too many instances that my boys will poop as soon as I take their diaper off, and I’ve had to take all my sheets off and wash everything (or use a baby wipe, clean it up, and put a towel on it-because come on…I was tired lol)

3. Wipes– Currently we are using Bloom Baby wipes. They are all natural and made with 100% hydro pure water. “The purer the water from the start, the fewer impurities and bacterial organisms that need to be treated”. The fabric on it is so thick and textured, no matter the stinkiest, thickest, most explosive poops, I only need one! Plus what really attracted me to these wipes, is that they are scent free and hypoallergenic. 2 out of 3 of my boys have eczema, so this was really important.

4. Butt Spray– we use The Honest Company soothing bottom wash. Whenever Joel has those bath worthy, explosive diapers, we like to spray this afterwards just to freshen him up if we don’t have time for a bath.

5. All over ointment- I swear by Tubby Todd All Over Ointment! As you know, my boys suffer from eczema, and this is the only thing (aside from Vaseline) that will keep them moisturized all day long. It’s not greasy at all, and it doesn’t have a weird smell, like other eczema creams, or medicated ointments. RJ is now medication free because of this!

6. Coconut Oil (the glass jar with silver lid) – because come on, it’s coconut oil. We love using coconut oil on Joel’s hair. He has VERY dry hair and it keeps his curls looking hydrated. As a baby he also had a very dry scalp (not cradle cap though) and we’d just apply coconut oil on his head. It worked wonders!

7. Pacifier– Pacifiers always go missing in my house, so having a safe spot for them is a must. Stashing them in the diaper caddy has been a life saver for us. The pacifier in the picture is the 6+ month MAM, it’s the ONLY one he’ll take.

8. Snack– I’m breastfeeding Joel still, and I get hungry EVERY TIME I nurse him. So having a healthy snack to munch on while I’m nursing, that’s easily accessible is a must for me. I like to keep Annie’s Homegrown Chewy Granola Bar. It’s not loaded in sugar like other brands and is only 100 calories.

9. Condoms– because we don’t want anymore babies for awhile lol.

**If your baby is 3 months and under, here is a (continued) more detailed list**

10. Diaper Rash Cream– I used Honest Company Diaper Rash cream

11. Nipple Balm– I used the Honest Company Nipple Balm

12. Nasal Aspirator– I used Nuby Breathe-eez Nasal Aspirator 

13. Hand Sanitizer– New babies immune systems are very weak, so having clean hands all the time is important. 

14. Alcohol Wipes– For cleaning the umbilical cord. Take a few of these from the Pediatricians Office, or from the hospital. 

15. Wash Cloth/ Burp Cloth– A wash cloth if you have a boy to cover his wee-wee! and of course a burp cloth so you don’t get spit up all over your shoulder.

We are loving this handy diaper caddy from BBox. We can easily transport it from room to room. Or whenever we have a baby sitter, we can just move the caddy to the living room, just so it makes life easier for the sitter. It comes with a drawer at the bottom to stash all your necessities. It also has a divider in the diaper section, to keep everything in order.

But what about when your child is no longer in diapers ? (2 more years for me ?) You can use the diaper caddy as an arts and crafts caddy. This is something I’m looking forward to doing, whenever the time comes.

So tell me, what do you keep in your diaper caddy that I don’t! I’d love to hear from you!

Diaper Caddy

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