Lollipop Baby Camera Review

If you follow my Insta-Stories, you’ll know how much we love our Lollipop Baby Camera. We’ve been using it for almost 2 months now to really be able to tell you how we like it, and how its functioning with every day continuous use. Being that this is a higher priced item, I really wanted to be able to give you all honest and true feedback.

Here is some info on the Monitor from their site:

“Lollipop Smart Baby Camera was designed for parents just like you; worriers who want to be able to go out and still check in on their baby properly.  We developed a video-based solution to monitoring your child.  We’re a high-tech team, but we don’t have robotic hearts: we care.
This unique, one of a kind Lollipop technology is unlike anything else on the market.  It’s a remarkable, intelligent, high-quality video baby monitor that helps you look after your little one.  Not only is this technology easy to use and completely reliable when you’re out and about, but it looks great.  Now you can see and hear your baby, so you know they’re safe, and they feel safe with a friendly, pretty monitor watching over them.”

  • No Addtional Monthly Fee – We pay cloud service fee for you
  • True Crying Detection – Crying detection with low false alarm by noise
  • Push Video Notify – 30s event video, by Crying/Noise/Virtual Wall (Optional: Lollipop Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality)
  • High Quality Video – Sony Sensor inside, H.264, 720P, with Made-in-Japan Computar Lens
  • Streaming – In home:LAN rtsp/Away from home:Cloud Streaming
  • Data History – Daily & weekly noise/crying and environment (Optional: Lollipop Sensor) data log
  • Quick Setup
  • Night Vision – Two mode selection – 940nm LEDs invisible for nearing baby, and 850nm for wall mounting
  • Remote Music Playing – Lullabies and smooth sounds built-in
  • Live View Sharing – unlimited shared users for your relatives
  • Mobile Device Requirement – Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) iPhone 4s or Later / Android Phone
  • OS Version – iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later

Watching Baby from inside:


Brings you more treasured memory: 30s Crying/Noise/Crossing Event Videos all stored in your Phone.

When Lollipop and cell phone are under the same wifi, audio and video streaming are going through WIFI-AP

  • No upstream data @ Live Feed
  • Low latency: 1s in good WIFI signal quality.
  • Faster click to see live feed: 3s in good WIFI signal quality
  • Data chart to see when your baby is crying and when environment is noisy
  • Unlimited Live Feed watch time as traditional baby monitor

Watching Baby from outside the home:


When Lollipop and cell phone are NOT under the same wifi, audio and video streaming are going through AWS cloud

  • Unlimited log-in devices to watch live feed and all available function
  • Unlimited shared users to watch live feed
  • Push to talk feature is also available outdoor
  • No extra cloud service fee.

Most Fun And Helpful splurge You Can Make: 30s Crying/Noise/Crossing Event Videos all stored in your Phone.

There are three ways to install the monitor:

On a tabletop//Mounted on the wall//Mounted onto the crib

I have mine installed on the crib rail, and I have moved the minitor from the baby’s room, to the older boys room (back when I was trying to crack down on who’s waking up who lol.) But It was super easy to install between the two options. I haven’t tried it mounted on the wall yet, nor do I think I will- no reason but the other two options gets the job done!

My honest review:

Lollipop Baby Monitor is based in Taiwan, but everything is shipped and ordered here in America from Amazon. My order was placed on a Monday, and we received the monitor on Wednesday, so it was super quick! We received the Baby monitor towards the end of June, and began using it right away. I unpackaged it on video through my instastory, and it was fairly easy to set up. It was sent in a beautiful box (that I have yet to throw away, because it’s just so pretty) and everything was packaged very neatly. The step by step instructions on how to install the monitor was very clear (and if you lose the paper instructions, everything is available through the app). Everything was laid out perfectly, and I didn’t get confused at all.


The baby monitor is ran completely through an app, which is free and downloadable in your phone’s marketplace. A lot of people are skeptical about baby monitors ran through a home’s Wifi, but it is 100% secure. Our home wifi has a security code, which is a ton of numbers and digits (thanks at&t for the complicated password), so its impossible to hack. It’s very simple to add another user to view your baby. I sent an invite to my husband to view. So basically the ONLY people able to  view, is myself and my husband( ONLY because I invited him via email). He then downloaded the App in the App store, and followed the step by step instructions.

Being that I am the main authorized user, I have the ability to

  • stop his viewing privileges
  • invite more users/viewers img_6956
  • talk to the baby through my phone
  • But any device(iOS/android) logged in with main account has full functions. If both parents login their phone with the same main account, yes both could use 2way talk.

How we like using it within the home:

It has true crying detection, so it’ll notify me when the environment is too loud )which you can adjust the decibel limit), and then it’ll notify me when he’s crying loud.

When I was a first time mom, and used a traditional baby monitor that you can hear any little noise 24/7, I would literally wake up from my deep sleep to ANY noise RJ would make. He would wimper, and I was by his crib checking on him. Now being a seasoned mother, I understand babies move around during the night, and make noises all the time, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re truly crying. Lollipop Baby cam does the dirty work for you. It will not notify you unless the noise level has reached a certain (but customizable) decibel level. My husband and I sleep SOOO much better now.

What I also love about it, is it records for 30 seconds whenever baby is crying and saves it for you within the app. So when I wake up in the morning and can’t remember how many times he woke up the night before, I open up the app and view Event Video-where I can see the actual video recordings, or I can view the “Data History” which shows a graph of whenever they wake up. This is great for tracking sleep/wake patterns. It also shows how little sleep I get haha.

Another great feature is the option to turn on “do not disturb” between a time frame. I have mine on Do not disturb from 9am-8pm. That way when we are in his room playing during the day, and we get loud (because come on, I have three boys, it’s going to get loud) it wont notify me that “Joel is crying loud”.

How we’ve used the Baby Monitor outside of the home:

  • My husband and I go on bi-weekly dates, and whenever we leave the kids with the sitter, we like to leave during their nap time, or after they’ve gone down for the night. So when we are away having a great time, we are able to check on Joel (not that I don’t trust our babysitter, but it always gives us peace of mind that they’re okay).
  • I work outside of the home 2 nights a week (from 7pm-7am) and my husband is home with them during that time. When I am at work, I can always check in on Joel while he is sleeping. Whenever Joel wakes up in the middle of the night, my husband can’t run to his rescue immediately because he has to heat up my breast milk, so it takes about 5 minutes. During that 5 minutes of milk preparation, Joel is crying, So I’m able to talk to Joel, and try to comfort him from 20 miles away. When he hears my voice, he starts looking around, trying to figure out where my voice is coming from, but it helps my husband out because he stops crying.
  • My husband works outside of the home 4 days a week, and he loves being able to watch us play whenever we are in the room. He misses out on so much being away from home, and he feels like he’s right there with us playing!

Here are some screenshots throughout the past month and a half, and how we have it mounted on his crib.

As you can see, the time in most of these screenshots is late at night, and everything is super clear!

The Baby Monitor comes in Three different colors, and each of them are so cute! If we were to ever have another baby, and it were to be a girl, I’d be ALL OVER the pink one!

So far we are loving, the baby monitor and definitely recommend it. If you want to purchase your very own Lollipop Baby Monitor, Click Here(I don’t get any extra compensation for clicks) or head to their website for more information on this wonderful device

If you have any additional questions that I may have missed, check out their FAQ page, or just comment below!

This Post was Sponsored by Lollipop Baby Camera| & as always, all opinions are my own, or else we wouldn’t be using it still lol.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

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