Do Amber Necklaces really work?

Have you ever seen those adorable amber necklaces that all the hippest babies are wearing? When I first saw the Amber Necklaces, I thought it was just a fad. Moms only bought them because all the other moms were buying it and they were super cute. Well I jumped on the bandwagon with my middle child and I got it for him when he was 4 months, because I assumed he was teething.

Almost a year passed and Elias didn’t have teeth yet. His first birthday came, and he was all gums. We took the necklace off for his 1st birthday photo shoot and forgot to put it back on. His Amber Necklace went missing in the mix of all his outfit changes, and countless bags we had.

We never got to figure out if it truly worked or not.

Well along came Joel and his 4 little teeth:

Joel had a hard time with teething! I mean really HARD time. He was running a fever, non-stop crying and just so fussy. We knew it was his teeth bothering him because if we’d touch his gums (where the tooth was about to poke out of) he’s instantly freak out. He refused to eat, and if you know Joel, you know this man doesn’t play about his food. The kid means business.

He had finally gotten into a good bedtime routine, and it was starting to get disrupted because of his teething pain. We decided enough was enough, we got him Motrin and it helped. We gave it to him twice a day to help with the pain, but I just hated giving him medicine like that ALL THE TIME. That’s when I met Christina from Beaming Amber Sun. We decided to partner together so I could try the Baltic Amber Necklaces with Joel. It came in less than a week, and just in time for his 4th tooth. The day we got the necklace Joel was a HOT MESS from his 4th tooth. We put the necklace on in the early morning, and by the afternoon he was back to his happy, smiling and eating self. I thought, hmmmm maybe it’s just a coincidence. For the next 3 days, you would never know a little tooth was working it’s way out of his gums. By the time the tooth broke free, we’d forgotten he was even teething. That’s how happy and content he was!

That’s when we knew, Amber Necklaces DO work well it does for my kid! And it’s not just for hippies or super crunchy mamas. It’s for babies who are teething and suffering and don’t always want to rely on medicine to help mask the pain.


So what exactly is an Amber Necklace?:

“For centuries in Europe, amber necklaces have been used to relieve symptoms of teething in children as well as headaches, arthritis and other pains in adults. When worn close to the skin, the amber beads release holistic properties into the body safely and naturally.” taken from Beaming Amber Sun’s site, because I’d sound like a fool trying to explain it myself.

But basically what I’ve gathered from other sites, it’s that when worn, the heat from ones body releases succincic Acid which is then absorbed into the blood stream, which ultimately helps relieves teething pain. And for some adults, it helps with joint pain!

Beaming Amber Sun explain it wonderfully and more in-depth HERE

What about choking hazards?:

I got the 12 inch necklace with a pop off clasp, so if in the super rare occurrence it’s warped really tight around his neck, it would just pop off. It’s so easy to pop off, he could pop it off himself. He doesn’t, but he has done it once when we first put it on him.

Before he goes to bed, we take it off. It’s notated on their site that it should be taken off before bed and only worn under adult supervision.

How do you care for it?:

  • when we bathe him, we take it off and we also remove before entering a pool.
  • We also wash it about once a month with just water and let it dry in the sun. I heard letting it dry in the sun, the heat allows the oils to emerge again.

Which one do we have?:

We got ours from Beaming Amber Sun, and we got this one ( link here ). I love the design of it and how it has little amazonite stones within it. It’s not the plain ole’ Amber Necklaces you normally see, although those are still really cute especially for all my minimalist mamas.


Would I recommend it?

If my answer wasn’t obvious, YES! I told you my own little story on how it worked with my super fussy teething babe Joel. He was a mess, crying all day long, running a fever and inconsolable. We put the necklace on and that same day, he was back to his happy self. I really thought these necklaces were were just a fad, and only crunchy mamas used them, well I’m not a crunchy/granola mama (more like scrunchy mom ) And I’m a firm believer in this necklace!

If you have a little one who you just don’t want to give Tylenol and Motrin to over and over, and they’re just in so much teething pain, I HIGHLY recommend trying out an Amber Teething Necklace 

Highchair: Joovy Nook

Heirloom Blanket (featured in flatlay): Koko’s Nest

Necklace was provided by Beaming Amber Sun, but all thoughts are 100% my own.

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