Why we are still Breastfeeding Past One Year ft. Evivo



Many have asked me, how long I plan on breastfeeding Joel, and to be honest, I don’t know. With all my kids, my goal has always been one year. Whatever happens after that is kind of just up to them. My main concern is that I just have a healthy baby.

But here are my reasons why I’m STILL breastfeeding past one.

  1. We would never forcefully wean Joel from nursing. When He’s ready, he’ll stop. Although at the same time, I don’t want to have a 4 year old attached to my chest haha.
  2. It comforts him. He’s not an all day type breast feeder. He only likes to nurse when he is inconsolable, when he wakes up, before his naps, and before bed. After all he is still a baby, but a healthy baby.
  3. Despite what people say, your baby DOES still benefit from the nutrients breast milk provides.  I read somewhere that breast milk is like spinach (not literally, but work with me), they’re both healthy for you whether it’s the first time you eat it, or the 1000th time. So no matter what, Joel is benefiting from my breast milk! I don’t even need to go into depth about all the health benefits of breast milk, because you can look that up yourself (if you haven’t already heard it 483978403 times).
  4. It’s not stopping me from anything. I hear plenty of times from other mamas say “Now I can do this” or ” Finally I stopped so now I can drink coffee”. (and I’m totally not judging because EVERYONEand EVERY baby is different. We all have different circumstances). But breastfeeding doesn’t limit me to anything! I consume my guilty pleasures in moderation. My morning cup of coffee and it doesn’t affect anything. I can have a bottle or two of beer after bedtime, because I know he’s not waking up till the morning. If I need to get away for a girls night or weekend getaway, I still have plenty BM in my deep freezer! Plus, he’ll drink almond milk (he’s sensitive to dairy, read more about it below)!
  5. Because of his dairy sensitivity, it just makes more sense to continue to breastfeed! Also because of his sensitivity to dairy, whenever he occasionally has it, he can tolerate it better thanks to Evivo Probiotics. I’ve spoken about Evivo before in this blog post, but the benefits from these probiotics is amazing! It’s helping me raise a happy and healthy baby.

More Info about Evivo Probiotics

There have been studies done to prove that Evivo mixed with breast milk, can protect a baby’s gut. In this clinical trial, Evivo was proved to restore infant’ gut microbiome 100% of the time. (What is Microbiome? A gut microbiome is a collection of microorganisms, or bacteria, that live in our intestines, or gut. By nature’s design, beneficial and protective bacteria are passed from mom to baby during the messy birthing process. Which then creates a baby’s unique gut microbiome. However, the unintended consequences of modern medical practices have led to a decrease in this mom to baby transfer. Antibiotics, c-sections, and formula feeding are all things that make up modern medical practices.). Evivo works by transforming special carbohydrates found in breast milk to promote the growth of B. infantis. (B. infantis is a special strain of beneficial bacteria that’s responsible for much of the programming of our immune system and metabolism. But unfortunately its missing in 9 out of 10 babies)

Using this probiotic alone in the first few months, it is able to significantly reduce potentially harmful gut bacteria. Those harmful bacteria’s are linked to short and long term health issue like eczema, allergies, diabetes, obesity and colic.

Ready to try Evivo for with your little one?

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This post was Sponsored by Evivo| but all thoughts and opinions are my own or else I wouldn’t actually give it to my child.

11 thoughts on “Why we are still Breastfeeding Past One Year ft. Evivo”

  • I did extended breastfeeding with my babies, too. I pushed weaning with my firstborn right at 2 years old, and I regret it because she wasn’t ready and had a hard time with the sudden separation from mama (especially when her little sister got to keep nursing). With my second baby, I waited and let her lead the way. She stopped on her own around 2 1/2 years old. Baby number 3 is a year old next month and not showing any signs of wanting to stop. <3 The World Health Organization has said that they recommend breastfeeding until age 2, so I'm happy to keep going!

    • I’m so glad that the new recommended age is 2! And that’s so awesome that you were able and still are breastfeeding for this long!! Super mom!!

  • I’m so jealous you get to keep breastfeeding! Both my daughters weaned themselves at 1 and I was so sad! I was the one not ready haha, I tried a few times after that and my first just laughed at me and my second would get really mad, it was so sad, enjoy it while you can sometimes they wean too early :(.

    • My middle child weaned himself at 15 months and I handled it well, surprisingly! At that point I was 7 months pregnant with my third, so I just knew that in a few more months I’d be breastfeeding all over again. But now with my third, I’m going to be a complete mess ??

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