How to save time and money when your child is sick

Being a mom to three little ones, and one on the way has many beautiful moments and lots of challenging ones. But the most dreaded moments are the middle of the night “Mommy I don’t feel so good” shouts from their bedroom. It’s too early for a sick visit at your pediatricians office, it’s too late for the pediatric urgent care, and it costs WAY TOO MUCH for the Emergency Room. So what do you do?

I put my Blueberry Pediatrics membership to good use and call an on call 24/7 pediatrician. So I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Blueberry Pediatrics before. Basically it’s a 24/7 urgent care at your finger tips. After signing up with Blueberry pediatrics, you will receive an easy to use at home testing toolkit. You get a communication and treatment plan available by video, phone, or instant message, all within a 60 minute response time! No worries of long wait lines, germ filled waiting rooms, and best of all…NO-COPAYS! That’s a big one for me, because how many times do you reconsider taking your little one to the urgent care because you can’t or don’t think it’s serious enough to fork out $50+?

I know there have been times that I didn’t think the boys were sick enough to go to the Urgent care, but now with Blueberry pediatrics I am able to contact a pediatrician for the slightest cold, or upset stomach, without worrying about co-pays.

So how exactly does it work?

  1. Sign up
  2. Add all your children and medical history
  3. Blueberry Pediatric sends out an easy to use, at home testing toolkit
  4. Set up intro call with a Blueberry Pediatrician so they can go over the toolkit and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Now you have unlimited use of a pediatrician at your finger tips!
Super easy to use thermometer

What comes In the testing toolkit?

Literally everything  you need to check on your little one, from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Smart Otoscope
    The smart otoscope is a flexible, tiny camera that makes it easy to take photos and videos inside your child’s ears, nose, or throat. Your pediatric team uses these to diagnose and treat ear infections and other issues.
  2. Forehead & Ear Thermometer
    The #1 thermometer trusted by doctors and pediatricians, this dual-mode thermometer makes it very easy to get an accurate temperature for children of all ages.
  3. Finger Pulse Oximeter
    Just put the pulse oximeter on your child’s finger and it will accurately measure heartrate and oxygen levels, giving you and your pediatrician valuable information about your child’s health.

How much does it cost?

This is my favorite part, it’s ONE PRICE for the entire family. For a limited time you can get everything that I mentioned above for only $15 a month (normally $20). And if you have a FSA card, you can use that to pay your monthly membership fees. The average family will spend more in co-pays from in-person sick visits to the family pediatrician, Urgent care visits and the occasional ER visit than they will in Blueberry Pediatrics membership fee.

My personal review and testimony:

FaceTiming the Doctor!

I HATE loading all the kids up in the car, and waiting in a nasty waiting room that could potentially expose the well kids to another sickness. So having a pediatrician one phone call or message away is a lifesaver. Especially with the kids heading back to school this month, and the much anticipated arrival of our baby girl…someone is bound to get sick. And speaking of baby girl, you may wonder if you can use the services with a newborn, and to answer your question…YES. It’s like having a “doctor in the family”, any concerns I may have in between her well visits I can quickly and easily message one of the Blueberry Pediatrics Pediatricians. So far we are loving our services from Blueberry Pediatrics, and plan to keep our membership for years to come.

Elias approves!

This post was sponsored by Blueberry Pediatrics| But all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. (we really use their services)



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