Laila’s Birth Story

The last birth story I’ll ever write. Super emotional right now, but super thankful I was able to carry 4 healthy babies and have 4 smooth labor and deliveries! It’s truly a blessing. So after much anticipation, here is the birth story of our sweet Laila Noelle. (It’s very similar to Elias’)

Monday September 25th:

Last OB office selfie

Took RJ to school, dropped Elias and Joel off at my mother in law’s house so I could go to my OB appointment in peace. Originally my husband was not going to come with me to this appointment, but he decided to come because we knew it would be our last OB appointment ever(I was set to be induced that week Saturday, September 30th). So we got to our appointment and went into our room. My doctor asked me how I’m feeling, and if I wanted to get my membranes stripped. I was like “YES! I’ve always wanted to get that done” so she was like, “okay let me check baby’s heart rate and while I check for dilation and effacement, I’ll do it”. So as she was checking on baby’s heart, she noticed her heart rate was through the roof (in the 180s-high 190s). So she changed her mind on stripping my membranes because she said if stripping my memebranes were to work, it would work within 24 hours and the way the baby’s heart is elevating, going into labor could aggravate her and I’d be at home…not being monitored. So I went into their NST (non stress test) room and had a 20 minute NST. If you don’t know, a NST is a test where they I lay down, completely relaxed and they check on baby’s heart, movement, etc etc. So everytime I felt Laila move, I’d press this little clicker. Anyways, we failed the NST because her heart didn’t settle at all. About 15 minutes into the test, my doctor came in and said “you just bought yourself an admission to Winnie Palmer Hospital” I instantly cried because 1. I was really hopeful to go into labor naturally, and this was how it was really going to go down again (this exact thing happened with Elias). So I felt defeated. 2. We were hours or days away from meeting our sweet baby girl! 3. My doctor was not on call so she wouldn’t get to deliver Laila! So after I stopped crying and I got myself together again, she sent me on my way to the hospital to start the induction process with a cervidil. (A cervidil is a little thing they stick inside of your cervix that has medicine at the end that helps ripen your cervix!)

Renaldo dropped me off at the hospital because he had to check RJ out of school, pick up Elias and Joel, and then take all of them to his sisters house. In that time he gathered all of our extra items, and things I intentionally didn’t pack in my hospital bag because I use the code daily (flat iron, tooth brush, makeup). But when I made it to then hospital, I was greeted by a few of my old Co-workers and while checking me in, they notified me that there was no space on antepartum, and I’d be in holding in triage until my bed was ready so they can keep Laila on the monitor. Well we ended up in holding for 12 hours. 12 freaking hours. I was PISSED. In that time I played like 30 rounds of super Mario bros on my Nitendo Switch. Finally at like 11pm we got a room on antepartum so we could actually start the induction process.

In triage waiting for my room

At 11:20 pm we made it into our room, and the cervidil was inserted almost immediately! Before she put it in, she checked to see how dilated I was and apparently I was only 1 almost 2 cm dilated, but my doctor said I was 3cm.  Once they put the cervidil in me, I had to stay in bed for 1 hour, which was easy because it was my bedtime. From there on out, the nurse was in and out of my room because either the baby’s heart rate would go super high so they’d tell me to reposition. Or my heart rate would go high, and then I’d have to drink more water.

Tuesday September 25th:

Woke up that morning super crampy. I was having contractions back to back, and thought for sure I was dilating and I’d go into labor naturally and not need to use pitocin. At 11:20am, the nurse came in to take out the cervidil. When she took it out, she checked for any progress, and apparently I was only a 2 and 75% effaced. So the cervidil did almost nothing. To get admitted to labor and delivery you must be 3cm, and have a bishop score of 7 or more. Basically a Bishop score that determines how likely you are to actually deliver naturally during an induction. So I scored a 4. I cried again because that meant I’d have to do ANOTHER cervidil. However because this is baby number 4, and my last baby was less than 2 years ago. So the doctor came in and said “I feel like even though you scored low, and your last baby was a precipitous labor, an induction resulting in a natural labor would still be successful”!

So after waiting 5 hours for a room to open up in labor and delivery, we got a room! We made it to labor and delivery around 6pm and didn’t start the pitocin until 7:30ish because I wanted to eat first lol. So I ate my dinner, and then the actual induction started! My dear friend Sarah, was my labor and delivery nurse! I told her and the midwife that I wanted the baby here before midnight. Don’t ask me why, butbwe just liked the date September 25th, sounded good lol. So they got my pitocin going, and I walked around, squatting as much as I could. Fighting through those intense pitocin contractions.

Finally around 10pm, the midwife broke my water and stripped my memebranes. Now that was painful, and such a weird but warm feeling. Shortly after breaking my water, the contractions really picked up. And that’s when my sister in law brought the boys to see me, so needless to say I was not pleasant. After they left I asked for an epidural. My reasoning behind getting an epidural without being in agonizing pain 1. I was going to be bed bound for awhile anyways because I was water leaking out of me heavily still 2. When I had an epidural when I was being induced with Elias, it actually sped up the process!

So I got the epidural, and getting the epidural was seriously not that bad. It hurt, but it was no worse than a bee sting. After getting the epidural, I noticed that only one side was getting numb. So they repositioned me, and still only one side. So they readjusted the catheter and still just one side. So they had to take the epidural completely out, and do it again. This time it worked! Thank goodness because contractions on just one side is annoying. After that I don’t really remember too much because it was a blur, but my midwife didn’t think I was going to deliver anytime soon because I was barely making progress (with dilation and effacement) but my nurse knew I was. At 1am (so 2 hours after getting the epidural) I told my nurse I was feeling pressure. When she checked, Laila’s head was right there and ready for me to push. When they turned those over head lights on, out my bed back, and brought up the stirrups, I instantly started crying again. I couldn’t believe she was about to be here!

Wednesday September 26th

After 2 and a half pushes, but everyone says 1, our sweet Laila was here at 1:10am and weighing 6lbs 2.9oz. I had my nurse show me her private’s parts to make sure she’s a girl lol. After having 3 boys it still felt surreal that she was really here!

She latched on to breastfeed within 30 minutes of birth. And within 1 hour of delivering her, my epidural wore off and I was up and walking to the bathroom!

So from start of induction until her birth it was 6 hours! You always hear stories of people being on pitocin for 24+ hours, but I’m so thankful that has never been the case for me.

After we left Labor and Delivery we went to the mother baby unit, and it’s was around 3am. MY husband and I were so tired, we legit went to sleep for 3 hours. As much as I wanted to stay up and stare at Laila, I passed out. Thankfully she was also pooped from labor and delivery and just wanted to sleep (I of course woke her up to nurse). She was and still is the perfect baby. So peaceful after birth, and while in the hospital.

Giving birth to her was so different. Staying at the hospital was different as well. When I held her for the first time, I knew this would be the last time I hold a new-newborn baby. When I was pushing her out, I tried to savor that moment because I would never do it again. I took everything in. Because as cliche as this sounds, it goes by so fast. I remember the day my oldest was born so vividly, and now he’s 6 years old. My heart hurts closing this chapter in my life. But my heart is also so full, 4 babies is what we prayed for, and God blessed us with that. Laila Noelle completed our family.

Im so thankful for my amazing husband for being there taking pictures and documenting it all, even though he was kind of annoying sometimes, I can look back and see videos and pictures of those 3 days! He was also amazing during this entire process being there for me but driving back and forth between home and the hospital to check on the boys which were with family (sister in law, my mom, and Renaldo’s mom)

I’m also thankful for my amazing birth team, including my friend and nurse Sarah who stayed with me the entire time. When I could not move, she literally grabbed my bare butt and held me up while they adjusted my epidural catheter. She was legit the best nurse I could’ve asked for and exactly what Renaldo and I prayed for! She kept all of us laughing the entire time and made sure everything was perfect “for the blog” hahah.

And I’m thankful for our mothers’ who were there the entire time! They both respected us and all of our wishes ♥️

So this was my super long, and (not really) eventful Labor and delivery story of Laila Noelle. It wasn’t as crazy Joel’s birth Hahaha. I don’t think anything will beat that, but Laila’s was special, because it was the birth of our first girl and lady baby!

If you feel like crying, watch the birth video I put together here

The labor and delivery gown I am wearing in all my pictures is from Pretty Pushers. I wore the same gown but In black when I gave birth to Elias.

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