Lunch Time Necessities 

Lunch  time in this house can get a little crazy. Everything needs to be planned strategically. Nap time immediately follows lunch time, so if their food is not ready in time….

  1. We have a hangry 2 year old
  2. It pushes nap time back, which results in an over tired 2 year old

So in order for Lunch time to go smoothly, these are my must have items.

  1. Joovy Nook High Chair// We Love this high chair for the beautiful clean look. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with all things black and white, so clearly this chair was a must have item for me. It folds completely flat. So when it’s not in use, there isn’t a high chair just sitting there. You can tuck it away into any little nook. The tray on top can come off completely or it swivles out, so the contents on the tray( plate, toys, etc) doesn’t have to come off. It can hold a child up to 50 lbs, and my 2 year old is 27 pounds so we have ways to go! And lastly what my favorite feature of this high chair is, IT’S SOOOO AFFORDABLE! Functional, Cute, Cheap, win-win-win! And while I was checking on the Wal-Mart website, they have it listed for $84!
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    Joovy High chair with Swivle tray
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    Joovy high chair with Swivel tray
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    Fits perfectly anywhere
    Joovy Nook
    Folded and Tucked away
  2. Nuby 360 Wonder Cup// This cup is AMAZING! We gave it to Elias, and initially he didn’t know what the heck to do, and neither did I. So I used it and then positioned his lips on, and he quickly understood. What we love about the cup is that he can hold it upside down and it doesn’t leak. He can put his mouth anywhere on the rim and drink from it. Every spot is the right spot. It holds 9oz and its dishwasher safe (top rack)!
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    Nuby Cup Close up
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    Drinking from his cup like a PRO
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    Upside down with no leakage
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    Still upside down and no leaks!
  3. Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat, Feeding Placemat// This thing is amazing! I can use it for all my boys. My 2 year old is infamous for throwing his plate off the table/High chair when he’s over it, or doesn’t want to eat. And the placemat stays suctioned to his eating surface. What’s great about it, is my picky eater was interested in what I made for him because of the set up. I feel like he felt more grown up, as opposed to me just placing his food on the table. My 4 year old was so excited to eat his lunch as well because blue is his favorite color, and this isn’t the same ole boring plate. I tested the grip on it, and it really does stick! initially I had a hard time taking it off, until I discovered lifting from the corners!


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    RJ’s Lunch with his NUBY placemat
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    RJ’s lunch
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    RJ enjoying his lunch
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    Elias eating peacefully with his placemat
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    Elias slowly eating his food
    Blurry image, But RJ eating from his placemat
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    You can tug all you want, it’s not coming off!
  4. Welch’s Grape Jelly// Nothin’ special to say about this jelly, but its good, haha!
  5. Sneaky Chef Pea-Butter(peanut free)//My oldest son RJ has a peanut allergy (it triggers his eczema). And lately weve been pretty lax about what he eats, and his skin broke out pretty bad. So we decided to really crack down and eliminate/ limit the foods that make him flare up. We are big PPJ fans here in our house, so taking that away from RJ is the end of the world (in his head). So while I was at Publix, I was looking for Nutella (that’s what we’ve been using in lieu of peanut butter) and I cam across this stuff! It was on sale for 2/$4, So I bought 1 just to try. Its made with Golden Peas, and a whole bunch of other natural stuff. I’ll attach a pic of the ingredients label, because I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel like naming it. I made the boys a PBJ and RJ said “Mommy, I’m not allowed to eat Peanut butter, and my sandwich has Peanut butter!!” He really thought it was the real deal. And Elias, my difficult middle child didn’t even notice the difference and ate his sandwich with a smile on his face. So if you have an allergy or kids with a peanut allergy, you should definitely try them out.
  6. Assortment of Fruit// RJ’s favorite fruit are Bananas and Grapes, and Elias’ are Watermelon and Strawberries. We always include fruit with their lunch!
  7. Chewy Granola Bar// My boys love these! And I love that it’s not made with High Fructose Corn syrup, and it’s made 100% whole grains! They have so many different flavors, the boys never get tired of eating them.


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