Sweetie Pie Organics: Week 1

So what grabbed your attention? My Instagram post sharing how I pumped 12 oz in under 15 minutes after drinking ONE sweetie pie lactation smoothie? Was it the cute pink carton it comes in? OR was it to just be nosey (hahaha, I’m nosey it’s okay!)

So I’m a brand ambassador for Sweetie Pie Organics, and they sent me their products to try, review and share my feedback with my followers and readers!

Let’s talk about results:

I received my shipment of their lactation smoothies last week Thursday. I drank my first one at 5pm before work.

  • When I pumped at 9:30, I got 12 oz in less than 15 minutes! That’s unheard of!! Normally I get 7-9 oz at my 9:30 pump session.
  • When I pumped at 1:30, I pumped 6oz, and I normally get 5oz.
  • And my last pump session at 5:30, I got 5oz. Normally I get 4oz.

So for the most part, I pumped about 1 oz more on average, except my initial pump which was 4ish ounces more.
Outside of work, I don’t ever pump, so I was kind of curious how I’d be able to tell if it’s really working.  I’ve been drinking my lactation smoothie about once a day around noon with a Granola Bar and some sort of fruit! I can definitely say I’ve noticed some change. Prior to these smoothies, when I’d nurse Joel at his last feed he’d have to nurse from both breasts because he was emptying them out. Now he fills himself up with just one breast, and I’m able to pump from the other one afterwards to add to my milk stash. And I’m pumping about 2-3 oz from that breast (my left).

Now let’s talk about the taste: 

If you don’t like pear, you’re definitely not going to like these. I, however love pear! So naturally I’m going to love this. When I first drank it, I’m not going to lie I was like “uhhhhh this is not that great”. But in my head, I hear smoothie, I think of super sweet sugary smoothie from McDonalds haha. It’s not that sweet and it’s a bit thick. But again, it’s an Organic LACTATION smoothie with Fenugreek and Flaxseed for Omega-3 in it! Overall, I’ve acquired a taste for it, and I actually like it.

Lets talk about where to get this at:

You can purchase these from Amazon. And you may be a little skeptical about the price. But if you’re struggling with your milk supply, anything is worth a try to give your babe the best milk possible! Fortunately I don’t struggle with my milk supply, but I’ll definitely be buying some more of these for whenever I notice a slight dip! To me it’s so worth peace of mind!

If you buy it, and try it, let me know how it works for you. I’d love to include your testimonial in future blog post about it!

How I increased my Milk Supply in ONE DAY!

This post was sponsored by Sweetie Pie Organics| but as always all opinions are 100% me-the results don’t lie!


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