Nested Bean Sleep Sack Review

What does it do? : It mimics your touch. The Zen Sack mimics the pressure from your palm, with a light weight pad and plush upper panel on their chest. Touch from either a person or an object triggers a soothing response. It lowers the level of cortisol- the stress hormone while elevating serotonin.- the feel good hormone. The Zen Sleep Sack provides just the right amount of pressure to help achieve that feeling babies feel when being held, which then helps them calm themselves and sleep better.


  • Adjustable shoulder tabs allow for a customized fit and room for your growing babe.
  • 2 way zipper to make changing diapers easier
  • Free of any toxins. And exceeds US and International safety standards

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My Honest Review:

Before receiving the NestedBean sleep sack, I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical. I was like “How heavy is it going to be on my little one’s chest?”,” Does it REALLY work?”, But after receiving it, I was impressed! The little bean that is over the chest is not heavy at all. It’s just the right amount of pressure. I put Joel in it immediately and he began kicking his legs (he does that when he’s excited) and instantly I knew this would be a life saver, because my house is like Antarctica at night, and he ALWAYS kicks blankets off of him. So when he wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse, His legs are cold.

Sure, I could put him in pants at night, but no lie, every time he wears pants, he sweats. So a light breathable blanket is our compromise.

I started using this with him just for naps for the first 2 days of having it and I didn’t notice a difference in his sleep pattern until day 2. He usually naps from 11a-12p, and then again from 1:30ish-3ish, and last cat nap from 7p-7:30p, using the sleep sack he slept an extra hour for his afternoon nap. So he now sleeps from 1:30ish to 4ish, sometimes 4:30!!!

So after day 2 of using it solely for naps, we introduced it for bedtime. We normally put him down to sleep around 10:30 and he’ll wake up around 1/1:30 to nurse, and again around 5, and usually by 5, he just stays in our bed for the rest of the night/morning. But with the Sleep sack, we noticed results on day 1. He NOW falls asleep at 10:30, wakes up around 3:30/4 and then again at 7am. With the 7am feed, he just stays in our bed, and sleeps until 9 sometimes 10.

The only reason we bring him into our bed that time is because we don’t want him to wake up his older brothers. This mama is NOT starting her day at 7am!

So with the sleep sack, he stays asleep longer by about 2 hours, and sleeps in longer in the mornings. Overall between naptime and Bedtime he sleeps an extra 3 hours. And if you’re a sleep deprived parent, 3 hours is GOLD!

Eventually we want to adjust his sleep schedule, so he’s going to bed a bit earlier. Maybe adjusting his afternoon nap, so he goes down later, sleeps later and eliminate the evening cat nap, and put him down by 8/8:30. And hopefully he’s tired enough to sleep completely through the night. Gosh, bedtime and naptime is a bunch of math and science. Experimenting and trial and error.

But back on subject, we LOVE our sleep sack.

  • It keeps him warm the entire night without overheating. He can’t kick it off!
  • It gives him the feeling of my hand right on his chest.
  • I love all the colors and designs, but plain Jane me, just stuck with the most minimal design and went with Grey
  • Its long enough for him to wear for a long time

I HIGHLY recommend if you’re looking for a solution to your baby’s sleep problems. If you’re ready to purchase your very own, click the link here

Disclosure: because I know someone is going to comment, Joel sleeps in his DockATot in his crib because we use the Angel Care baby monitor, it comes equipped with a motion detector in it. So if for some reason it doesn’t pick up any motion it will alarm on my end and his. ALSO, we have a muslin (breathable) blanket under him because we noticed the fabric of the DockATot was getting a bit dirty where his head lays. For a review on the DockATot click here

This post was sponsored by Nested Bean| but as always, all opinions are 100% me. I wouldn’t recommend something that I don’t like.

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