My favorite worship songs for tough times

God is SO good, and he always comes through for me. No matter the situation, the struggle or the circumstance, he’s always there. When I’m in my car crying about something, God hears me. When I’m feeling lost, and alone, God is hugging me.

I love music, and that’s no secret. I have different playlists for different emotions or feelings, but the playlist I’m sharing with you are worship songs that I listen to when my heart is feeling really heavy, when I’m unsure of something and a potential outcome, or when I just want to be reminded of God’s glory and how his light always shines through.

With each song I share, I’m going to just share a little background story or a situation it helped me get through. I love to go back and listen to each song, because it’s a reminder of how great everything turned out to be.

1. It is well- Bethel Music

  • When I first heard this, I was pregnant with Elias and unsure what I wanted to do with work. If I wanted to stay home or go back. Of course I wanted to stay home, but at the time we relied on my income as well! After listening to this song, I put my trust into God that whatever decision we went with, he was in control. Ultimately, I went back to work and I was at peace with my decision.
  • Also, I listened to this when I was in labor with Joel, right before he was delivered in the bathtub.

My favorite verse from this song: “So let go my soul and trust in Him. The waves and wind still know His name”

2. There is a Cloud- Elevation Worship

  • I was in the car driving to work one day, and I was stressing about my husband’s work load, and how things were going at his job. His company had gotten bought out by another company and people were dropping like flies. So of course I was worried because he’s the main provider. But I was in the car, and I put on thins song, and I’ve seen them live, heard this song like 399 times, but something about the 400th time, I listened to it differently, if that makes sense. As soon as the song was over, I instantly felt at ease. I put my faith into God, and said ” There is a cloud, beginning to swell. Something greater is about to come! I just don’t know what”. And sure enough, THAT SAME WEEK, my husband got the call from a company he had applied for MONTHS ago, offering him a senior position! He’s still there and totally killin’ it!

My favorite verse: ” Hear the Word, roaring as thunder. With a new, future to tell. For the dry, season is over. There is a cloud, beginning to swell. To the skies, heavy with blessing. Lift your eyes, offer your heart. Jesus Christ, opened the heavens. Now we receive, the Spirit of God”

3. Do it again- Elevation Worship

  • No particular situation, but I want to give you a background story of the message behind this song. This song was born out of a message the Pastor for Elevation Church was preaching. It was called “Don’t stop on 6”. The message was about when Joshua was walking around the walls of Jericho, they needed to continue walking around seven times as God promised for the walls to come down. Read more about the story of the Wall of Jericho here. But overall, it’s saying that the people who walked around the wall lost faith several times, but they stayed obedient to God, and by the 7th time, they shouted and the walls came down. God made a promise, and as silly as it sounded to them, they listened, and did what God said, and he kept his promise. He made a supernatural thing happen, and he can do it again!
  • So if you’re battling an addiction of some sort, or you are struggling with something internally, and you’ve been walking around the walls over and over, and you feel like this is stupid, you will never over come this battle, God made a promise, and on his time. You just have to stay faithful to him! Everything will work out in HIS time.

Favorite Verse: “Walking around these walls, I thought by now they’d fall, But You have never failed me yet.”

4. Fresh Outpouring- Jesus Culture ft. Kim Walker

  • Again, no particular situation. But this song always reminds me that I always need Jesus. I need more and more of him. No matter if times are good, or times are bad, I always seek him.

My favorite verse: “Fresh outpouring, Tear the fabric open. Come, Jesus come. Breath of heaven. Nothing left unshaken. We long for more. We need a fresh outpouring”

5. None- Elevation Worship

  • There are times that you just ask God “Why?” and when this will all be over, but you know what? God knows the wants and desires of your heart. He is in control. So put your worries in his hand.

My Favorite verse: “You are the One, Who knows my need, Before I call. You tell the storm, when it will cease, before it starts”

I am so thankful to have seen Elevation Worship and Jesus Culture live, because every time I listen to it, I can still feel the energy that was in the sanctuary that night. I can close my eyes and feel the holy spirit that flooded the room that night.

Everybody reaches out to God differently, some go into deep prayer, some fast, but for me it’s music. Whenever I feel anxious about a situation, I listen to these 5 songs (usually on my way to work) and it just reminds me that God is in control. I put my trust and faith in him, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME everything works out. Seriously, it never fails. So if you’re going through something, please listen to these songs and really take in the words and apply it to your life or situation, and know that you are never alone.

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