The REAL reason why I got into essential oils

For the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve been very familiar with Oils. My husband was actually the first person I knew who was obsessed with Oils. When he’d go to the flea market he’d buy different ones, and burn them. I loved the way they smelt, but I feel like he only bought them for the smells. It was nothing more than that. He didn’t buy Lavender for bedtime, he didn’t buy frankincense to calm him, he bought whatever smelt good. So I never cared for it in all honesty. I had a few friends who swore by them, but at the time I just thought it was all a marketing scheme…and to keep it real, I just was not buying a $45 bottle of whatever to make me feel (fill in the blank).

But it wasn’t until I was in labor with my 3rd son (at home) that I just couldn’t handle the pain and I pulled out a heating pad, and I burned a “Stress Relief” Candle from bath and body works. The Stress Relief candle consisted of Spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils. And I  can honestly truthfully say that candle is what got me through my all natural labor and delivery at home. I was so calm and relaxed (too relaxed because Mr. Joel came out almost immediately lol). So ever since my first REAL experience with essential oils and how they really work, I was a believer lol.

So why did it take so long for me to join?

When it comes to self care, I’m one cheap girl. I will blow money on shoes for Laila, and matching outfits for the boys. But when it comes to spending money on something I want, I’ll find every excuse and bill in the book to not buy it. My apple watch that I’ve wanted since Apple watches were released, I NEVER bought for myself…my husband bought it for me for mother’s day (we share bank accounts so I still technically bought it lol). So when all my mommy friends would share a new special Young Living was offering for the starter kits, I’d almost be sold on it, but then there I go again making excuses. Thinking of a million other things I could get for the kids instead of a just buying the darn thing! You can ask ANY of my oily friends, that I’ve messaged them at one point asking about it and almost leading them to think I was really going to buy it, but never actually did (because excuses again lol).

But what finally got me to join, was my dear blogger friend Brittany Ashmore from TheAshmoresBlog, gave me a deal I COULD NOT pass up. Last month Young living ran a special for the Premium Starter Kit, and it came with TWO DEWDROP diffusers, instead of one. I knew that the day I’d finally join, I’d want two diffusers because there are 6 different people in the house with different needs. So when Brittany reached out to me about joining, and shared the deal with me, and then personally offered me a deal on top of that deal…I couldn’t say no! So I bit the bullet and joined!

Why did I join, and what do I expect out of essential oils?

  1. To help mine and family’s moods. We are all different people, with different struggles. So instead of getting annoyed about these struggles, I decided to go the natural approach and oil-icate (I totally just made that word up, but its the act of using essential oils to medicate a problem lol) But I decided to oil-icate these issues.
    • For me: I’m crazy emotional this pregnancy, with anxiety. I’m naturally an anxious person who constantly worries and obsesses over things. So being pregnant just makes it worse. I’m hoping to find that calm that I had when I burned that stress relief candle. And also I have serious insomnia, trouble falling asleep at night because I just think about a million and one things. So hopefully utilizing oils will help that as well.
    • For Renaldo: He was already on board with me using oils because remember, he loved them first. But I feel like he can really benefit from the oils, because he takes on a lot of stress at work, and at times he brings that energy home. So I’d love to start diffusing a blend before he gets home, so when he arrives the weight of his work day is unloaded. I’d also love to make blend for him to keep at work that he can apply topically. If he’s going to be supporting us financially, while I’m at home with the kiddos, the least I can do is help him de-stress!
    • For RJ: He’s starting kindergarten in a few days, and one thing about RJ, he gets distracted easily. So maybe diffusing a focus type blend in the mornings, and in the car for car line drop off.
    • For Elias: He sometimes has trouble falling asleep. So using a sleepy time blend before bedtime will help him out!
    • For Joel: He’s WILD! He’s our most hyperactive child, and has no chill. He’s also very ansty and sometimes becomes a difficult child to please. So a calming blend will hopefully chill him out!
    • For Laila: She’s not here yet, but I’ve heard of so many people talking about how amazing the gentle baby oil is, and the seedlings line is. So I’d love to start incorporating natural and calming oils with her, she’s going to need it because her three brothers are LIT 24/7 LOL.
  2. Start having control of the chemicals we use daily. I never realized the amount of chemicals that are in our everyday products. Even items that claim to be all natural, or organic really aren’t. So my hopes with adopting essential oils into my life, is to eventually make my own dryer balls, make my own insect repellent, make my own lotion, my own bath bombs, body sprays and overall just live a healthier lifestyle!
  3. Eventually be able to help others benefit from Essential oils, by selling it. I know a lot of people think it’s all marketing, and how you can make another dollar. But for me, of course I want to make some money, who doesn’t? But I want to learn about the products myself, know the ins and outs and then pass that knowledge onto others. So right now my focus is to just learn! But don’t be mad if I post about a promotion Young Living is offering. I love sharing good deals, ya’ll know that!

So yeah, that pretty much sums up why I just jumped into Young Living essential oils out of nowhere (I’ve been contemplating it for like 2+ years though). If you’re interested in joining (and taking advantage of the amazing discounts on oils,diffusers, products, etc  you get as a distributer), SIGN UP HERE and leave me a comment or message me on INSTAGRAM letting me know you did so I can get you in all the groups I’m in, so we can learn together!

If you’re interested in just buying as a regular person (lol) not as a distributer, SHOP HERE!

In the next few months as I get to learn and use the oils more, I will make more blog posts about it. I’d LOVE to write about my experience with the oils and Labor and Delivery, and with RJ as he goes into kindergarten. So stay tuned!!!

Thank you so much for reading! And in NO WAY is this post sponsored by Young Living. I’m just a moody prego mama who has had enough of her crazy behavior lol.

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