Toyota Sequoia Review

Mid January my Entire family (Myself, Husband, 3 kids and my mom) took a mini road trip to South Florida for my best friend’s wedding. We had the amazing opportunity to partner with Toyota USA to test out their 2018 Platinum Sequoia. Lets just say we fell in love. I’m a sucker for big cars, so I was bound to fall in love with it. The Kids had so much leg room in the third row, my mom didn’t complain about being to cramped (because of the car seats), and my husband felt “manly” driving in it. It’s definitely not a car that screams “I’m a girl!”.


The Features:

  • Heated and Ventilated (cooling) Leather seats(front and 2nd row): Perfect for Florida’s Bi-Polar weather. It was in the 30s when they dropped the car off, and it was in the 80’s when they picked it up. So clearly, we got to use both the seat warmers and cooler.
  • 4.2 inch display screen: It’s the perfect size for easily navigating the cars audio, navigation, and settings.
  • Blu-Ray disc player with 9 inch display: Comes along with wireless headphones, wireless remote, and rear audio system (when not using the headphones). We never got to use this feature because we timed our trip perfectly to align with naptime. So when we left, they fell asleep about 30 minutes in, and when we arrived they were waking up! Easiest road trip ever!
  • 7 passenger, with captains seats in 2nd row: My two older boys, sat in the 3rd row. My mom and the Baby sat in the captains seat in the 2nd row.
  • Leather trimmed power tilt/ telescopic steering wheel: When you turn the car on, the steering wheel automatically adjust to you! It’s freaking legit!
  • Lane Departure: Lets you know when you’re departing the lane!
  • Illuminated entry: Pretty self explanatory
  • 2nd and 3rd row retractable sun shades: I love this! It helps protect my little ones from Florida’s scorching sun!
  • Auto dimming rearview with built in compass
  • Overhead console with storage and maplights: This came in handy when we were driving at night, but I was reading the wedding itinerary!
  • Huge center console in the front seat AND the 2nd row
  • Sun Roof: I just love sun roofs! I never cared for them until I had them in my loaner cars, now I’m bummed we never got it in our car when we bought it a year ago!
  • 18 total cup holders: Not even exaggerating! Everywhere I looked, there was another cup holder! It’s great because we were able to organize all of our water bottles, without having them rolling around everywhere.
  • to see a FULL list of their features, including safety, CLICK HERE!


We really liked this SUV overall! My kids fit comfortably in there, as did my mom. There was still space for one more person, and if we wanted to have another child, the next child would fit perfectly in the car along with my other 3. This isn’t a SUV for the time being, this is an SUV we could grow into, and stay in long term.

  • But I loved all the compartments in the car. There was even two glove compartments.
  • The center consoles in the front and the back of the car is HUGE!
  • The seats are super comfortable, especially with Florida’s extreme heat, the ventilated seats will keep you cool.
  • I love that the cup holders in the front seat (center console) are large enough to hold a regular size coffee mug!
  • Power everything, even the third row seats were powered.
  • Trunk had plenty of room for all of our luggage, and I loved that the trunk closes with the press of a button.
  • Also, the trunk window goes down! The kids LOVED that.


So, it’s pretty clear that we love this car. But the ONLY thing I was not crazy about, was how bad it was on gas. But it’s not the Sequoia specifically, it’s any car/truck/SUV with a V8 engine. We drive a lot, between preschool pick up/drop off, running errands, trips to Disney, and work…so fuel economy is pretty important to us.

  • Average fuel economy: 13 city/17 highway: But with Florida’s stop and go traffic, when I’d arrive to my destination, a trip summary is generated, and it’d say “Average Miles per gallon: 11” that number made me sick. But I guess if you’re use to driving V8 cars, filling up a large tank, and filling it up frequently is nothing new to you.

So would I Recommend this car:

If you have a large family, 3 or more kids: ABSOLUTELY YES! It’s large, comfortable and a SAFE car. It has features for everyone in the family. Tow hitch, for Dad’s toys, a million compartments for Mom, and blu-ray player and plenty of space for the kids.

If you’re single, or don’t have any kids, or don’t need a truck for towing: NO. what do you need all that car for? Save your money until you really need it.

Here are some more images of the Toyota Sequoia that I captured:

This post was sponsored by Toyota USA| But as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

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