Our Beach Maternity Shoot

It was bittersweet having these photos done. It was nice because we got to get all dressed up, and head to the beach (first time for the summer!). But definitely sad because this is the last time we’ll be having professional photos done with a baby in my tummy. Many of you all know, I’m having my tubes completely removed after she is born, so unless we conceive via IVF this is for sure our last baby. So we wanted to make sure we captured this precious and beautiful time in our life. We (really me because Renaldo could care less) wanted to have it at 30 weeks rather than 35/36 weeks because I get extremely swollen towards the end of my pregnancy (not cute). And because next week is RJ’s first day of school as an elementary aged kid, and in 2 weeks Elias and Joel will be going to preschool. So my weekends will consist of school lunch prepping, grocery shopping and weekend homework. Right now was basically our only chance to get them done!

A lot of prego mamas get photos of just them, alone with their bump, but I wanted to incorporate my husband. First reason he’s in most of them, I’m awkward by myself. Second reason, He’s just so handsome to not capture…just being honest. I also wanted the boys in the photos, but RJ and Elias didn’t have their hair cut. Long story short, their haircuts were scheduled for the following Saturday. we were timing their haircuts with the baby shower, and their first day of school. So financially it didn’t make sense to get it cut 3 times in one month! Plus, I didn’t feel like wrangling 3 wild boys for a peaceful shoot, it would’ve been the opposite of peaceful LOL. But I tell myself, they’re in all our other photos (Pregnancy announcement and Gender Reveal) so I don’t feel bad. But we will definitely capture them in her hospital photos, and the at home lifestyle newborn photos.

Ughhh, enough of me rambling. Here are the photos Brittney captured! (remember, if you see an image you love…don’t forget to pin it!!)



Brittney did an AMAZING job capturing these photos. I’ve worked with awesome photographers in the past, but something about her photos and her past maternity shoots she’s done I knew I had to book her for this. We went with the beach location because aside from our photo shoot with Beauty and Lifestlye mommy mamagazine where I modeled for Sew Trendy, we’ve never had a beach photo-shoot. Brittney did an amazing job editing these photos because more than half of these pictures were taken after the sun had set, and you would never even know!

The dress and flower crown I’m wearing is from Sew Trendy. And the dress is the Krysten gown in all white. for sizing purposes, I’m 5’5 and pre-pregnancy 115lbs, and now currently 137. And I measured a size XXS. I feel like it would’ve fit better had I taken my photos 2-3 weeks ago, so an XS would’ve been ideal, but it still fit wonderfully! Their sizing chart is pretty spot on, so make sure you measure correctly!

To save 10% on your very own Sew Trendy dress use promo code “INSTACASEKYB”

Thank you Sew Trendy for gifting me this dress, so I could capture this precious moment in my life.

and Thank you Made By Mary for gifting the custom gold bar necklace (with my kids’ name on it).


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