Babymoon to Arizona

Photo taken at the Scotts Resort & Spa- Located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Babymoon, kind of like a honeymoon, but it’s before the baby is born. It’s like one last weekend/week of relaxation before the baby comes. One last vacation with just the two of you before you have to bring a baby along, or find a sitter. It’s something my husband and I have always done with all of our kids (except RJ because we were 19/20 years old and didn’t know babymoons were a thing). This time around, knowing this is our last baby EVER, we wanted to do more than the usual staycation. It took a lot for us to consider somewhere out of state because come on, we have THREE KIDS, but go big or go home right?

So going big meant flying clear across the county all the way to Scottsdale Arizona! Why we chose Scottsdale? Because they are known for beautiful scenery and luxurious resorts (for a reasonable price! Something you won’t find in Florida). I have a few blogger friends who live in Arizona, and they all said nothing but great things about Scottsdale, so hearing that confirmed why we wanted to go there so bad.

So here is full run down on our babymoon, who we flew with, where we stayed, what we drove, what we saw, where and what we ate and overall how we liked it.

So we booked everything through Expedia using their newest add-on advantage feature, so after we booked our flight, we could pick our hotel at a discounted rate up until the day we leave. To read more about it and tips on how to plan a babymoon READ MY POST HERE!

Who we flew with:

Photo taken in Salt Lake City, Utah

We flew with Delta Airlines, like always. But we always pick them because they have great service, and we’ve racked up some miles with them! But we booked our flight for Saturday morning at 6am, to then fly into Atlanta for the flight to Phoenix, Arizona. As much as we wanted a non-stop flight, they were later in the day and costs WAY MORE. But because I was trying to get there as early as possible for as cheap as possible, we ended up running into weather issues in Atlanta, which put us in “holding” and we literally flew in circles for 1 hour, and then diverted our flight to Nashville to get more fuel. From Nashville we flew into Atlanta once the thunderstorms cleared. Because of the 2 hour delay, we missed our connecting flight. I had like 3 prego meltdowns in the airport because we were put on standby until 10PM!!! Luckily while jumping from gate to gate, a flight to Salt Lake City then to Phoenix popped up. So we switched our flights and was headed to Salt Lake City Utah! As much as I didn’t want another connecting flight, I was so happy we got to see Utah because it’s soooo pretty! After Utah we made a quick 1 hour and 45 minute flight to Phoenix. As annoying and long as our travel day was ( 13 hours to be exact) we were happy to have made it safely and by 4pm Phoenix time (so 7pm Florida time).

Where we stayed:

We stayed at The Scotts Resort located in the heart of Scottsdale Arizona! Upon arrival we were greeted by the wonderful Valet staff, and once walking into the Havana themed resort, the receptionist already knew who I was! Back story to that: While I was having my meltdown in the Atlanta Airport, I called the resort to notify them of our potentially late arrival, and they showed nothing but concern and just cared about our safety! So once we got the flight to Utah, I called them back to tell them we’d be there by 5. So they remembered me! But back to what I was saying, I was greeted by name by the front desk receptionist and she quickly checked us in and told us exactly how to get to our room, and shared all the amenities of the resort.

Before going to our room, I walked through the BEAUTIFUL lobby and the pool area and just took it all in! Once we made it to our room, I was surprised at how large it was. Instantly the first thing my husband and I said was” Man, we can fit a cot and 2 playpens In here”. It was huge for just a standard king bed room. Our room had a separate shower area, which was important to me because when my husband is showering I can do my hair without worrying about the shower steam frizzing it up. Our room had a walk out patio which overlooked the pool area. The hotel’s pools were beautiful and tranquil, it didn’t feel like a pool party, but more like a relaxing couples resort! AKA exactly what my husband and I needed.

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Within the hotel, they have a bar, restaurant called the Canal Club, a spa, and many meeting rooms. The hotel is steps away (well a quick bike ride away) from Scottsdale lively old town area! To get anywhere was less than a 2 minute drive, which was important to us.

Where we ate at:

IN-N-Out: When we first drove out of the airport parking lot, the first thing we put into the GPS was In-N-Out burgers. Being the Floridians that we are, we have never had In-N-Out and have only dreamt of it. So when we were looking into places to eat at, In-N-Out was at the top of my list. We both ordered a DOUBLE-DOUBLE animal style with Animal Style fries.

My personal take on it: It was good, don’t get me wrong. BUUUUUT I’ve had better. Culvers (a fast food burger place here in Orlando) tastes better. In-N-out is definitely something I’d get if we are on the west coast, but it’s not something I’m upset about not being in Florida.

The Canal Club: We ate at the Canal Club twice.

  • Once for Breakfast, and I ordered the creole French toast (French toast topped with Vanilla Bean Strawberries, Coconut Whipped Cream, Pure Maple Syrup), and my husband ordered the Castro Cubano (Ham, Braised Pork, Fried Egg, Chipotle Aioli, Whole Grain Bread, Served with an Arugula Salad). Both AMAZING!
  • Again for Dinner (hosted), and I ordered Gaucho Steak Salad (Baby Kale, Masa Crouton, Manchego, Lime Vinaigrette) and my husband ordered Gaucho Steak (Spiced Skirt Steak, Poblano, Chimichurri Sauce, Masa Potato Cakes). And I’m 100% a steak person, and these steaks were cooked to perfection. There wasn’t a single complaint about our dinner. It was the perfect little spot for families, couples or a girls night out.


Diego Pops: I’ve heard so many good things about this little spot, so I made sure we put it on our food itinerary. When we walked in, I was actually surprised how cool it was being that it has a nice indoor/outdoor feel and it was like 111 degrees outside. Our waiter (can’t remember his name) was AMAZING! He helped us choose the perfect entrée for us first timers, and it didn’t disappoint. I ordered the Braised Green Chili Chicken Bowl, and I used all of their houses sauces on it. And it was amazing! My husband ordered the Chared Skirt Steak bowl, and I LOVED his. If we ever get to go back, I’m going to order his. My husband ordered a Margarita, and I had a Horchata!

The Sugar Bowl: This is another spot so many people recommend we go to, so we went and it did not disappoint! I ordered a Pineapple Camelback Soda. And basically it’s an old fashioned soda, with scoops of vanilla ice-cream, and pineapple at the bottom. I loved it, and couldn’t get over how creamy the ice-cream was! My husband ordered a Sugar Bowl Sunday, and I do not remember what he put in it, but he said it was really good!

What we drove:

We drove the Lexus RX 350 F Sport, and absolutely loved it. To read my full review of the car, CLICK HERE. But this car was perfect for the Arizona heat, it had ventilated seats (aka seat air conditioner)! My husband and I drive SUVs, so handling this car was nothing new to us.

How was the weather:

So I’m from Florida, I may not be use to 100+ degree heat, but I’m use to 95 degree heat, with 87% humidity and a 105 degree heat index. I’m use to nasty sticky unbearable heat. When we told people we were going to Arizona, first thing out of everyone’s mouth (native Arizonians and non natives) “It’s SOOO HOT. You’re not going to tolerate it”. The difference between Arizona heat and Florida heat, Arizona’s heat is dry. So it’s 100% tolerable. When we were out walking through Sedona, I didn’t even sweat. When we walked from our car and to the building (target, restaurant,etc) I didn’t feel like I was suffocating. It felt more like opening an oven. It’s just very dry! My hair never frizzed, and I never looked like a grease ball. However, I was super ashy and my lips were chapped. So we had to keep moisturizing every chance we had. Even though it was 111 degrees, it felt fine (compared to what I’m use to at home).

What we saw:



We really only saw Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Sedona (and the beautiful scenic drive to Sedona). We originally wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but because we lost just about our entire first day, we had to combine first day activities with 2nd day activities. We were able to go driving through Old Town Scottsdale at night which was beautifully lit, and we got to go to Target the first day haha. I have a weird obsession with visiting other targets. One of my followers mentioned, Target should have collector’s pins! I totally agree! But below are some pictures of places we saw while in Sedona!


So yeah, that was our quick babymoon to Scottsdale Arizona! It was short, and a lot of it was wasted flying but it was so worth it. We are already looking up flights to come back, but with 4 more passengers.

Thank you Expedia for sponsoring the flight +Hotel stay, And thank you to The Scotts Resort and Spa for hosting our dinner.

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  • I want to visit Arizona badly! It’s been on my top 3 list for like forever. Thanks for sharing details of your stay. I’ll definitely make a note of the resort too. I can see you two really enjoyed it!

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