Difference between Medicated Birth, Natural Hospital and Natural Home Birth

As you know I’ve basically delivered every way possible except C-section, so I have experience when it comes to all natural home births to induced and epidural births. Each of these births had their pros and their cons in my personal opinion. And with each of these births, I recovered differently.

As you’re reading this I really want you to understand that no 2 bodies are the same, so because I recovered one way with a certain type of birth doesn’t mean you’ll recover the same. I’m just sharing my own personal experiences with each. And remember, whatever birth you do is up to you and what you can handle. Child birth is child birth, regardless!

Natural Hospital Birth

Old photo from 2012, but there’s me doing it all natural!
  • Pros:
    • I had the option to get pain med if need be. If for some reason I couldn’t handle it anymore, I knew pain meds were just a phone call away.
    • I was in a hospital setting, so if anything were to go wrong, they were 100% fully equipped to handle it.
    • I felt the urge to push, and really felt all stages of labor. Which was beautiful. On my way home from the hospital I began to cry because it hit me that I really did an all natural birth with my first child. That was something I’ve always said I wanted to do, and I did it!
  • Cons:
    • I had the option to get pain meds if need be. This is a good thing and bad thing. If you are fully committed to go all natural, you know how much easier it is to just get the epidural when it’s just a phone call away. I felt like giving up!
    • I felt every burning second of it, including when I tore, AND when I had an episiotomy (make sure you do your perineal exercises)
    • My birth wasn’t peaceful, because I was screaming like a lunatic. But I do believe with the right breathing, this could’ve been prevented. But again, when I was pushing, I was crying for a C-section because emotionally and physically I was done (and I know, I know a c-Section is even harder on a women’s body. But I was 19 and knew no better. It certainly is NOT the easy way out) But I got through and the pain literally went away right when cone head RJ came out.
  • Recovery:
    • I tore, so recovery was tough. I had to put a million different creams and medication on my postpartum pads because of the tearing and my hemorrhoids.
    • But aside from that, I was up and walking like a semi-normal person.
  • Would I do it again? Yes! I loved natural birth, as painful as it is and how much I hate myself while it’s happening, I absolutely love the recovery. And like I mentioned before, the pain literally goes away as soon as you push the baby and placenta out! But I’m not against epidurals, read more below.

Hospital Epidural Birth

To read my full hospital epidural birth story, click HERE

  • Pros:
    • Didn’t feel a single thing (after it was fully effective)
    • I was chit chatting with my husband, my mom and mother in law, I was even on the phone. haha I was actually sucking a popsicle, because I had an appetite (they only allowed popsicles).
    • I was more relaxed, and actually ended up dilating faster. The epidural allowed me to actually relax and let my body do it’s thing. I was in so much pain prior, I was tensing up. As soon as I got the epidural I dilated from 4cm to 8cm within 45 minutes! And ready to push an hour after receiving it.
    • I had a more enjoyable labor and birth experience. I had a mirror to watch it all go down, It was wonderful .
  • Cons:
    • I couldn’t move my legs for like 2+ hours after birth.
    • My legs started to itch REALLY bad as the epidural was wearing off.
    • It didn’t work immediately. at first only my right leg was numb, so I had to turn to my side, prop my leg. Still didn’t work. They ended up readjusting the catheter in my back and gave me a stronger dose. But had to endure the pain on only my left side of my body. Super annoying.
    • I have low blood pressure, and getting the epidural caused it to drop even more, therefor I had an oxygen mask while I was delivering my sweet Elias.
    • You have to get a catheter inserted in your hoo-haa because your bottom half is numb, so technically you cant control your bladder.
  • Recovery:
    • My back hurt at the site of the epidural.
    • Only took 2-3 motrins afterwards.
    • I was up and walking like normal as soon as the epidural COMPLETELY wore off. I say that because when I thought I was 100% normal, I called my nurse and asked if I can get up and start walking around. Well she came in and walked with me to the bathroom so I can pee for the first time (that pee stinks) and when I squatted to sit down, My legs gave out on me and I fell on the toilet hahaha. Yeah, I wasn’t ready yet.
  • Would I do it again?: Yes. I’m very open to epidurals. I know how enjoyable birth and labor is with it. I always tell renaldo, for the next baby if I feel like I’m at my MAX and cant handle the pain anymore, as long as I’m not over 7cm I’ll get an epidural. If I’m over 7cm, I’ll just endure the pain a little longer! But if I feel like I’m about to push a baby out and I’m only 4cm, Best believe I’m going to get the epidural.

Natural Home Birth

Literally the only picture I have my home birth because it all happened to fast!

100% NOT planned (read unplanned home birth HERE). I originally planned on a hospital birth. And I was also open to getting an epidural if I needed it.

  • Pros:
    • I had the comfort of my own home (until paramedics came).
    • I had no choice to have pain meds, whenever I felt like giving up.
    • I felt the urge to push, and I 100% surrendered my body and just allowed it to labor on it’s own.
  • Cons:
    • I had no choice to have pain meds (there was no way out).
    • Scared of the unknowns. I work in the NICU and once worked in Triage (in a women’s hospital) so I think of all the what-ifs.
  • Recovery:
    • I literally got up and out of the tub by myself, and sat myself on the stretcher.
    • I only took motrin 3x after the birth. But it was mostly because of my uterus contracting while I breastfed (I heard it hurts bad with the more kids you have).
    • No tears!
  • Would I do it again? No. Well not intentionally. Home births are beautiful, there is no denying that. But I love delivering in a hospital, and getting the 5 star treatment afterwards (unlimited food at my finger tips, the peace of no kids screaming like lunatics) I also love the excitement of putting the baby in the car seat for the first time and driving home. The aw’s of when you’re leaving the hospital. And of course the cute knitted hats they gift the baby.

Natural ways to relieve labor pain:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Creating a tranquil environment
    • Music
    • dim lighting
    • essential oils
    • having an image of something motivating (ultrasound of the baby)
  • Labor in the tub (as long as you’re clear to do so): I did this with my first and it helped so much!
  • Look into hypno-birthing
  • Massages: Have your significant other massage you!
  • Warm compress: I did this with my “home birth”. I had a heating bad plugged in and on my back
  • Keep moving: With all three of my babies, I kept moving as much as possible!

Different medication options for labor pain relief:

To read all the different medication options during labor, CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about anything birth related, including Pitocin and Cervidil (you get those when you have to be induced) please comment below and I will definitely get back to you ASAP.

Thank you so much for reading, and remember Childbirth is Childbirth no matter how you do it. Women are built to carry and deliver these children whether you do it pain free, cut open or all natural!

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