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Ever since Renaldo and I were 15/16 years old, we would plan our future. What kind of house we’d have, what kind of car we would drive, what jobs we would both have, and how many kids we’d have.

It’s amazing how life is falling right into our beautiful plan. We have the house with trees draped over it. We have the SUV we wanted. We don’t have the jobs we thought we’d have but we are so blessed with the jobs we do have, that we can provide for our family. And we have all the kids we wanted to have. We were so into our future life, we even had 2 names picked out for our children. One was for a boy (Renaldo Junior, aka RJ) and one for a girl.

After three boys, we honestly thought we had to put that girl name to rest. But God has blessed us with a baby girl, and we can finally use that name that we had planned for her.

Laila Noelle Bonnaire

Laila: Pronounced Lay-Luh. “Derived from the Arabic leila (night, dark beauty) or the Persian leila (dark-haired).” Well, looking at Renaldo and myself, I’m almost positive she will be a dark beauty with dark hair!

Noelle: Pronounced NO-elle. “Meaning ‘Christmas’ in French. The French word itself is derived, via Old French, from Latin “natalis dies (Domini)” meaning “birthday (of the Lord)”. Noelle is a name usually given the day of Christmas, day before, or day after.” Although she’s not born in the Christmas season, we love Christmas and everything about the holidays. It makes us feel happy, and brings joy to our hearts, just like she already does.

This name is so important to us because this was a name we had planned since we were 15. And after 10 years this is the name we still love. It’s so fun talking about her and saying her name, it makes it all feel so real.

I had to push my belly out so hard to get this shot hahah. Do it for the gram!

Why we chose this spelling:

We chose to spell it Laila (still pronounced Lay-lah) because I loved how it looked in cursive lol. I also see the spelling of Layla a lot (still beautiful) but I wanted to be a little different.

Any nicknames:

No nicknames as of yet. I’m sure once she’s here it’ll just slip out one day and just stick.

Details of her (going home) outfit:

Why yes we already have her going home outfit planned out. The baby girl obsession is real. In the next few weeks we start working on her nursery (that she won’t even sleep in for like ever haha).

This Romper is from Buck&Baa: I am absolutely obsessed with it. It’s so soft and beautiful. I knew right when I saw it, this is what she would be going home in. All their clothing is made with organic cotton, and all natural, pesticide free fibers. By chosing organic clothes for your children, you can help reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals their skin absorbs. This is especially important for babies because their skin is thinner and more porous than an adult. All of their clothing is made in New Zealand!! So little Laila is already high maintenance lol.

These Rose Gold Freshly Picked Moccasin: Whenever I’d order Joel’s FreshlyPicked Moccs, I’d eyeball these beautiful rose gold ones and sigh and say “whenever I have a girl, this is the FIRST thing I’m getting”. What I love about Freshly Picked Moccs is that it’s 100% real leather. When you open up the box for the first time, the wonderful smell of leather sneaks right up your nose. Joel is now 16 months old, and his FP Moccs are the ONLY shoes he will wear. So of course, they will be first shoes for our little Laila Noelle.

terrible lighting, but I had to lower the exposure so you could see her name engraved on it!

This cutie clip from Ryan and Rose/natursutten pacifier: I’ve also always wanted these with the boys. But the way they take care of things, and the way they lose things I said NO WAY! But since we are having a girl I just HAD to get this for her. They look so delicate and dainty. We had her name engraved because I want this pacifier clip to be something she can keep and show her daughter one day! What I love about Ryan and Rose is that she’s another mama, who had an idea and acted on it! I love supporting small shops especially mompreneurs!!

This bow from Kaylee Headbands: I honestly only got it because it matched her Moccs lol. I looked long and hard on Etsy for the perfect bow!! It’s not exactly the same shade of rose gold but close enough!

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